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The fragrance of Osmanthus

[ 7/18/2014 10:18:35 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



I remember that was my first time away from the small village of my childhood life, carrying a mother hand-made homespun printing blankets, shoulder collapse grass green bag, walked into the place of my dreams desire --- Seba school.

There are two quite similar to the school gate pocket brush pine tree, as two holding ruler sir, we watched these majestic mountains Wazi, are playful and carefree childhood to bid farewell to it?

As the campus courtyard-style riding, made the slightest secluded ancient brick corridors and the Parti exudes a scholarly talk, solemn silence of the shrine’s easy to talk with school in a quiet, industrious Yi’s ancestors almost all suspected poly in this sacred school where folks do not envy you enormously wealthy man, only admiration to borrow money to send children to study mother, Seba people addicted to the book as far and wide throughout the life of the traditional Hongjiang.

Central Campus of two trees towering stands Osmanthus, telling the trunk covered with Qiu Yi Hua School brilliant chapter, lush clouds Osmanthus trees as if two flower care of our students, and the sound of the morning reading Lang Lang Osmanthus leaves swaying sound of the TV drama, not a positive and Naruto with a new cadenza it?

August Osmanthus blossom season, ten fragrance of Osmanthus is a beautiful campus landscape, like a pot of fragrant glycol Osmanthus Osmanthus wine drunk back to sleep, indulge in dreams of Mr. whether as wide cold ? palace Chang E Miles sky waving wide sleeves cadence of the words as if Mulan through to make our armored cavalry Pass, Zuixiang Mr. heroic singing Qinyuanchun snow scenery of the north;. sigh, "naturally flower in first class . "Anju Shi Yi will do so free and easy.

The autumn wind blowing slightly Osmanthus, falling on a bed of quartzite flowers like glittering gold carpet, the old man carefully harvested, ready next spring and the fragrance of the tea Grain Rain, strong yet delicate fragrance to tea osmanthus tea; osmanthus open, osmanthus Festival came, playground cries, cheering on the basketball court, hanging in a tree at night riddles, smooth lines of the Tang Dynasty ladies and gentlemen colorful flying in pen enjoy dancing, that fragrance of Osmanthus let Clueless mountain Wazi happy and growing.