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Read the paper

[ 7/18/2014 10:20:56 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



In modern society, the network of choice for people to get information to read, because the convenience, but I just liked reading the paper. Because only allows me to read the paper to read the fine and valuable experience, as well as an old friend Cuxitanxin warm, and the network brought me reading is an alienated, and is not a reading of temperature.

In the quiet of the night, in the lamp holding a book exudes scent of ink, carefully read a page illustrated title page, paper texture finger touch experience, the heart will produce a quiet and pleasant. And once you indulge in the text among the more unlimited reverie in my heart. Some books are nicely bound, with beautiful color paintings page, it makes me wonder delicate composition photography and painting. Text and picture perfect blend of people holding books go, like on a sunny afternoon meal product color fragrant taste of tea, where tea is fragrant with sweet pastries, everything which constitutes a soul travel, meet and talk to a knowing, once memories worth treasuring.

A child’s first contact with the paper to read the "comic" is the coexistence of the screen and text, similar to the current comic book, but then the real picture than it is now, not so exaggerated, text is also printed large and coherent narrative for children to read. Then the paper is rather poor, very rough, but this did not affect my interest in reading, because those stories have made me obsessed. Although some of the books are now fine paper, but the contents of pale hollow, to say how much it has touched people’s hearts ingredients, then it is rare.

I always liked the rich emotional words, not like some of the paper printed full vulgar rhetoric, like read of some real life stories and a pure emotion, only the truth can be moving, after all, the so-called skill and gorgeous pale but not living things, so that a work must be the spirit forever and sincere emotion. A writer to impress the reader, must be very touched his heart, and then through a fine move these words convey. We are able to resonate with the soul through these simple words with the author to obtain great satisfaction and happiness.

Flowers and the world, one grain of sand paradise, life is meaningful any small move, the network can also be done though reading reading task, but lack the kind of friendly exchanges, while dragging the mouse, we can only included with tired eyes busy writing, the share of casual and quiet difficult to understand, and can capture a share of moving paper read no estrangement.

I like to read the paper because it is more pure, closer reading of nature, I think reading is the essence of the soul of a purification, a lonely trip. There are fine words during this trip, there are also emotional and moving, more profound ideological