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July corn plant garden

[ 7/21/2014 9:22:39 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



July Meteors, July Xia Wei, color in July, everywhere one: green!

Green, in the village of four seasons, is an attractive painted screen; romantic poetry in the ridge line, the rhyme is an aggravating angle; symphony in the summer, is a special decorative notes. Toward the earth, your heart immediately fields nectar flowing irrigation was drunk.

"My home in the northeast Songhua River, where corn, soybeans and sorghum ....." In this season, the northeast of the earth is a big Qingsha Zhang, everywhere is green sea, where people feel warm, here as people obsessed and more fascinated by that piece of land is rolling on the green corn.

Standing height looked far, mountains and plains, hilly, a large a large corn forest, line by line, a column, neat mighty, valiant, in the hazy fog, rain hazy breeze, the waves rolling in, the ups and downs , overwhelming hit to you from a distance, no time to dodge, too late humility, it unceremoniously will surround you, waiting for your review, kiss your face.

Them with a strong lineup, landscaping give them the mother’s life.

They use the most sincere form of thanksgiving, the smile dedicated to growing their own sweat and blood shed farmers.

Corn surrounded the village, muffled way, the composition of the forest corn, blotting out the sun, hidden everyday clear, obscure village, trees and roads. Endless spring, summer becomes a closely guarded sight from one village to another village, could not find another way out one way, the sight of a piece of land from the land. Got to go, certainly steering, could not find the truck. Grass, ground insects, birds, pheasants and mowing people, roadside sheep who have been blocked ...... corn, dark, secretive, no partner, a man came in here, people with restless hesitation.

If you fear, and no longer to enjoy the composition of corn, it is very unfortunate. At this point, the arms of baby corn with a small hand Young a handful of children’s beard yellow-green in the sunlight, transparent pink, like the ancient jewelry daughter of the head of the royal family, elegant, not fondle. If you touch her clumsily, it will flames bone, Stick incense canceled. If you want to spit it out gently cut off her silk velvet, she would get out once a crystal drops, tears of pain right? Ensure that you do not regret their Lianxiangxiyu, why so Lenz Lenz head downtown to the wild.

Corn spit red cherry, round after round into the earth to pull the rainbow, red ribbon drifting into the sky, holding the sun, pulling clouds, roads holding peasants heart.

Walking Woodside corn in a small way, that the growth of corn moans that long, soft singing Insects children, and the land side of a pond frogs, and that was the end of flashing fireflies flickering light ......

Feeling at this moment, is the real heart of children sitting.

On field corn, soften her words, a good face, Jingya warmth, deep quiet ...... gives a sensual enjoyment and comfort.

If, in the summer, you let the impetuous life upsets people when upset. Wish, you may enter this corn side, look at this painting children, sucking air dew rolling on, it Yutie you feel uneasy, you will be excited, will reverie, reliving the old days, back loss of family, love and friendship, so happy boat in the hearts of waves, evoking youth and strength .......