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Summer Whispers

[ 7/22/2014 10:36:37 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



There are some things you are not around in the past, you can now escape after it must spend ten times the energy to face. People will have feelings, because the heart has been beating. Learn to put aside personal feelings, is another kind of happiness; are people, and there will be emotions, learn to understand and try to accommodate, is a free and easy. In fact, the root cause of all the troubles that you’re too obsessed with your own.

Remembered, forget the forgotten; changeable, and accept change. Love people, though they have with a love heart, but after all, two body, inevitably there is friction. Love deeper, more care, and the stronger the possession of the heart, which can be understood, but the most important thing is the love appears when the red light, we should look for the reasons in a timely manner, as soon as possible to make it all the way open.

I heard that happiness is very simple, easy to time a punch on dilute. Philosophy of life, close to us, not the most ruthless man, but time; most precious than money, but emotional; most frightening is not romance, but psychosomatic dysfunction; most comfortable is not a hotel, but the home; the most terrible is not swearing, but silent; finest not the future, but today.

Hardship not live, live to be happy. Have, to cherish, to contentment. Man must have a sense of balance, superficial envy, boredom comparisons, clumsy imitators, will only make yourself all day to live in the shadow of others inside. We should recognize their own, find their own position, to go their own way, to live their lives.

Life can be complicated and can be very simple, we have to see how the mind, it’s real simple, plain on the indifferent. Simple to face complex to keep happy. Believe in yourself strong, but do not reject tears; believe in good faith between people, but do not blame hypocrisy; believe that efforts will be successful, but do not escape failure; believe that the fate of the fair, but do not forget the time when one door closes learn to give yourself a window.

Life will always be a disaster, in fact, most people already trained on disaster calm, we just have not learned the joy of disaster gap. We make too much emphasis on the suffering of their own vigilance, but they ignore remind myself to pay more attention to happiness.

Learn to understand, because only understand others, will be understood by others; learn patience, because things are now, they can not change; learn to be tolerant, because life is still alive, who can no over it; Institute of silence, because silence is golden; learn to say "not "because can not do not force it to do their own thing whatever; learn to observe, because the wider world of wonders.

Do not let life lost all feeling, the mood is not life, but it is about all of life. Feel good, everything is good, bad mood, everything is chaotic. We often are not lost to others, but a bad mood belittle our image, reducing our ability to disrupt our way of thinking, which lost to himself. Control a good mood, peaceful life will be everywhere.

People can truly be alive, but not too seriously. The water is clear there are no fish, people to the police only. Perfectionist greatest tragedy is to live untrue. Reality is the most really true in the real world, there is bitter music, sour and sweet. Alive greatest pleasure is pleasure from pain to find out. What are the pursuit of the best, is a kind of positive thinking, is not the best living law.

Life, the total people speechless. Laugh when, not necessarily happy, perhaps a helpless; cry, not necessarily in tears, perhaps a release; pain, I do not necessarily hurt, maybe a heart grief.

Traveled section of the road, always wanted to see a landscape, as it has been unforgettable; think of a person, always tears, as it has been unable to forget.