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Han Chinese clothing, I met you in the spring of my life

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Wanted, dressed in Chinese clothes home, deep in the bamboo forest, look for a cabin, a stick of incense burning, soak a cup of tea, bell Drum, Shizumori fleeting. Fan Li have thought learning to drive a small boat, the pan on top of the ocean, and the song and the line. Han Chinese clothing, I met you, my life spring.

Inadvertently heard the song "back to the Han and Tang", he was deeply impressed by it. This is an atmospheric song, every time I hear it, "I would like to return to the Han and Tang Dynasties, then played the horn sign Palace providers, my clothes Han Xing my ceremonies, I would like to return to the Han and Tang Dynasties, then spectrum Spirit Hua Zhang, why fear road resistance and long to see my China Kenjiro "will be tears, causing the inner resonance. This is the first time that Chinese clothing.

The first time I saw Han Chinese clothing, he was charmed by its style, its elegant, agile, like a fairy. Years provoke any dust, grow old, and always fit the biggest heart fondly - Chinese clothing, as if waiting for a thousand years, only for it to stop, they fall into the cycle. Want to record it with a better word, the text is too afraid shallow enough to carry its heavy. Love it, since branched out.

Say, the encounter is the edge, I meet with you in the Red dojo, is God gave me the edge. I am glad I did not born in the Qing Dynasty, so I can not be forced to confront the demise of your pain, do not see receded Han Han Qing clothes to wear costumes. However, I now have to face, you have people who are not familiar with, they say, pointing to your mourning, hanbok, hibiscus, actors, cosplay. . . Stop four hundred years, people did not know to get your appearance. I am glad I met you, see your modesty, your beauty and your body heavy, like waiting for a year blooming, leaving inner joy.

"I will be a big crowd to visit my only soul mate, too, I am lucky; shall not, my life, that’s all." I am glad that ye have found you, glad you should say there are still, there are people remember you, I become many distressed you, like you, want to let the whole world you re in a person’s knowledge. Between Tibetan heart, love eyebrows, instant fingertip encounter, it is doomed to past lives of love.

I’m just an ordinary person, I love your beauty, love, ordinary, nothing to brothels, apolitical, independent of the other. "Bowl" good, you do not have to bear the questioning of others, I do not have to bear the strange eyes of others. When I wear the most beautiful clothes, do not blame someone else abnormal behavior, when I put on you, my friend will still take my hand go on the road, do not receive the strange eyes of others.

I met you, you let me know, China has always been a dress code, there is the reputation of Hua Zhang clothes, that’s a big summer etiquette. "Because in the crowd look at you, no longer forget your face", perhaps, is the case now. Sometimes, they sigh, I met you just in time, you’re growing prosperity, I’m grown up. We have our development, walking their tracks, a casual turn, they encounter, that you are here.

For the temple to the Red, played a Zen cloud water, mixing the fate of time. You wanted to wear with friends, took to the streets, the Friends group wanted to wear fitted with friends or lovers, I believe, not to the future, my wish will come true.

Like soft and comfortable material, often think in warm afternoon sun, holding needlework, sewing clothes Han, always believed yourself, is the best, sewing clothes, wallets are soft and comfortable material, wear on the body, the United States in mind.

Should never met you, maybe I’ll sit back and relax wearing a white shirt, black pants and participate in national photo; Should never met you, maybe I will support other countries Hari Kazakh Korean industry.

Han Chinese clothing, although easy, easy to implement, 且行且珍惜.