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Even if not the outcome, but also fall in love with you

[ 7/22/2014 10:48:59 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Text / cod Fallen furnace

Cut some warm memories, holding those attendant greetings all the way, those bit storage in the deepest corner of my heart, and let the tears glistening dew, like, is filled with warm fragrant happiness, thinking of you thrown a shallow mouth smile, his eyes shining with tears, half luck, half sad, fortunately, and you fell in love, sadness is gone and you say goodbye, I’m clinging to read in my heart, even if not the outcome, but also in love with you.

- Inscription

There are too many missed in life, there are too many helpless, walking on earth, the most fortunate that you love, mouth inadvertently triggered a touch of beautiful arc, can be met in this life, to have each other too, is how rare thing , roots encounter confidant, best feeling that you know what I paused in my life to become an irreplaceable landscape.

Life, if a person is too bright as a meteor, the dream-like presence as before, even though did not have a long-term, even if did not day and night together, but can they begin when the wind blows, the text miss this, it not a blessing? Bustling depths affection still, a drop of ink, missing Allure.

Love a person, love a city, a shock, so natural, so persistent, quietly listening to at the moment Xinyu, between the depths of the soul silently touched, past sorrows and joys, once Nanfennanshe inadvertently become in the past, your breathing, your shadow, your hands, but in the eyes constantly emerge, and thus, the daily every day, every moment, revel willing to have your picture, although it will not help sad, although it will endure could not cry, but I would rather report on brewing in the years you and I fragments.

Multi want to tell you that you are the most beautiful I Love Zither met, one heart belongs to you, a love just for you, although a ride across the landscape, my love will always be there, my love forever in my heart, though you’re not by my side, although I can not kiss your bright eyes, but you are in my heart, some love, but it is already a promise of permanence, some love, but a lifetime to spend gazing has already written a articles touching poem, with your gentleness overflowing heart, you know, I was thinking of you.

Allow a person to live in another person’s heart, is a happy thing, your smile in my eyes filling gentle hearts miss bloom in the quiet moments, no matter how many seasons through the heart, there will be a moving parts, those gentle, laughter and tears that between you and me, will settle in my heart the sea, sitting in the heart of the world, with thoughts of hope, a plume of affection, an idea turned into the end of time.

I will never forget that we have happiness, we have walked every street in hand together, walking together, chat together, eat together, we had to buy clothes together, and together listening to music, the song "Listen That love coming back, "I remember I was heard crying, and I said this song really sad, may soon have to leave each other because, you were hugging me, did not say a word, we tightly holding each other, let the tears fall silently like, we love a good bitter, because no end.

Genuineness of love, but also deeply loved by you, our love is no reason to continue, dependent on each other has become a habit, perhaps years affectionate, but also poor miserable I love this, how much time thoughts , can be made into a sentence soulful verse, in the long mortal world, regardless of the Spring and Autumn several times, but also left over the next slightest mark on you and me.

If I can, I want to change to make a drop of rain, gently drop in your palm, quiet bloom, quiet breathing, every heartbeat nourish my body, so quietly lying on your palm, feel your palms temperatures silently with you, every minute, every second, until the last drop, even destroyed, and never will regret it.

A thousand words, undying obsession madness, look back yesterday from thinking long complained endless love, frustration Shizumori fleeting Shizumori you, in good times in quiet, alone aftertaste, alone crazy punctuality, time goes by, regardless Do you love or do not love me, you do not read or have read to me, I will share jealously guarding its own innermost bright flowers, youth and old age with you through life.

At this point, approaching in August, colorful season, tender years, also left the bright you were, in this wordless season, you want to ask loudly: "? Long time no see, how are you" Perhaps whenever this season, my heart will be particularly tough, those last bit of debris, deep tie him with me, so I can not breathe, just a turn away, everything will become a breakpoint, you had the most intimate I am from the sea and the horizon, estranged.

Think with your loved fiercely down, silently await you away in the back, or blurred my eyes, no goodbye years, this went into eternity, past and present time soft, I use words to express my miss, so chapter with a graceful heart complaint and you listen, even if not the outcome, but also in love with you!