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Once again, you meet

[ 7/24/2014 9:41:07 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



I come from a distant place, far away from the back, just to look at you, Gaoshanyangzhi. Hell and high water, only to climb the clouds, in your arms, let the hustle and bustle of earthly soul firmly on sleep really early.

I always thought, you are very far away, I can not reach in a distant place. Until that year, I came, until this day, I have to come, only to find that you are not far away, is the courage to go out with me.

Fortunately, thousands of miles, I was in the distance, miss you. Horizon right close, you and I, about to meet.

Xining happens overnight, standing at the window, Direct Flights to sleep off a sudden, we have only high Wangxingkong, put blame, static, etc. sunrise. Can not help, into a dream - you my horizon right close, but half the mountain water, amazing is yet so far away. Fortunately, I’m in no hurry, night stars, the sun recovery, I leave you, a step forward.

Finally, landed in the highlands. Toes touch the ground, more than 3000 peak altitude, reminding us of scenes I was returning to the flower in full bloom, though ordinary, but distant flat original, I would not trivial. So, I come, you are not words that I go, you are not words. Only when I miss you, you will know that, to this day, I have arrived.

Yes, I have arrived!

I was an alien world, reminding us of scenes of people, once again, broke into this holy snow, not noisy, not for prosperity, just as on the mountain, that pious man.

In any corner of Lhasa, can see colored flags, or is a warm color, which makes travel long distances from each person feel warm. The streets of Lhasa, the cylinder is rotated by a kind of inner piety and pray. Put down the backpack and tripod, I was simply looking for a threshold and sat down. Looked at the familiar brick by brick, coming and going of strangers, my existence, and as the air in general. Fortunately, with your close, I still seem sweet. Taking advantage of the afternoon sun is still good, but dense clouds clear, cover the sky, but vague, or particularly obvious. Around the Potala Palace, the idle walked around the circle again. And the familiar square, very few people, very few. Potted flowers too bright, while stopped, suddenly remembered that last night’s gathering.

Today, I am again. But only one person, inexplicable sadness around the heart. Looks up at you, you still so solemn, with a little bit like a literary mystery. But that night, in front of you, we have unbridled indulgence, laughter, and finally cried splinters. Because parting, any time I offer all kinds of sad, still can not stop. But an appointment sometime next year, and then one up, I am the only one standing here in front of you.

Packed up sentimental, I still carries the package forward. Until the Barkhor, was sitting on the side of the road, drive the legs look like some tramp taste, and therefore attracted a lot of attention.

But, I have no touch.

With you, so close, I do not bother wasting our time, wasted passers vision.

But the pious man, is worthy of awe. Pilgrims bowed, for fear that we mere mortals can not read the. Admirable on the surface, but a moment of vanity, can truly appreciate, and only they own. I quietly watched them while walking through a small tube while rotating, there are crawling all the way to worship. It goes without saying that this is the pious inner world, their eyes have seen, and perhaps just Namtso lake in general, thorough, blue. In the sun, the shadows lengthen, are obviously not profane. Path when the Jokhang Temple, wanted to go see, and because the team is scheduled to be too long, tumultuous white walls and red paint in the human voice, is clearly too crowded. Helpless, standing in the distance, watching silently, calm breath. Originally, your mountains, so many gathered in the holy land.

But I was really impressed that you are afraid of a man on the road seemed sad, Solitude, so after the storm frost, sun recovery, the clouds open, you pretend inadvertently, gave me a copy of this birth was the hardest and is owned the only gift. - Damxung, dusk approaching, miraculous double rainbow on the show in my eyes exclaimed. Although outside an incomplete, but within a layer, perfect arc, and instantly shook my soul.

I’m like, close with your chest, listening to your heart light, only to pass through the mountains, arrived in your heart. Endless, snow-capped mountains, along the road, across the plains and over the mountains, and finally arrived in front of you.

I think, at this moment, you are in front of me, I was really in front of you.

Along the way, your face is always silent, despite the ever-changing, but not the pet is not scared, are you still like the original, thoroughly clean the bones deepest calm.

Night, when the fast is half past ten, the Potala Palace lamps are gone out. Many visitors, compared to last year, when, where is particularly empty, even cold. Streetlights promise to pull a long shadow, I watched helplessly, you just pull it in half, the other half to me to be a junior partner to erect it. To wind, body shiver, I was a man. But fortunately has no parting tears, leaving little consolation emotion itself.

From the beginning, I did not go to conquer you, from the beginning, I just want to brave once. This time, another beginning, I still do not want to conquer you, from the beginning, I just want to conquer myself.

I do not know how far the next road, do not know after dawn in front of where I want to depart. Everything is full of unknown dangers, and since I live, you have to take risks. This may be the inescapable fate, destined to be down every life experience an adventure. And you, what I’m going to conquer one of his adventures. Today, once again genuineness stand before you, just do not like that noise, just seems too quiet, but it happens, you can clearly hear the sound of my heart beating, I can feel your day of solemn and stately fade , leaving only remaining gentle night.

Finally, the lights went out, as if you want to sleep in general.

I still quietly standing in the square, few people are getting away, and finally, I am the only one.

Filled the night, but not the stars, street lights fade, my eyes began to appear blurred, turned away, could not help crying. - Originally, a person is not easy to hold up strong; originally, a strong man to conquer himself, and is so proud; originally, and sometimes tears, not just on behalf of sadness and failure.