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Open the door to happiness password

[ 7/25/2014 10:38:54 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



The life there is no absolute right and wrong, do not only answer painstaking, happiness is life among non; Do coursing get lost no sorrow, gain and loss is just a state, to keep quiet the soul is the real happiness . Sometimes you need to do is shut up, put down the so-called self-esteem, to admit their mistakes, this is not called to give up, and called growth.

Looks happy people, and my heart may have untold suffering; often hung laugh their hearts may have silent tears; happy to show off the rich people live, on the surface may be far less scenery. A person’s happiness, only you must know happiness. So, do not make life difficult with yourself. Our life between intentional and unintentional, always miss many, perhaps an opportunity, perhaps a train trip home, missed missed, maybe you missed it already.

Quiet years, the wind was soft, the sun is soft; happy days, the heart is contentment, the sky is blue. Life is not perfect, the flowers bloom, the full moon the moon is a natural law. Society frankly, you will harvest when a persistent setbacks, held at the success of a humble; learn frankly, you’ll courage to face all the pain, you will cherish all the happiness. Frankly, is a kind of indifferent.

River of time its speed has always rushing forward, life becomes a single minute in the past. In an indifferent attitude to live bravely, frankly face all changes, whether good or bad, is always life experiences, will only have to survive.

Many people do not know what you want in the end, in fact, did not have enough courage to face or not enough effort to fight. Believe in your potential, you know something deep inside you is stronger than any difficulties, but the potential for mining rely on ourselves pressurized.

No Injured people can really heal the pain of their own in this world, only yourself. Today, no matter how difficult, we must believe: only go back in the past, can not get no tomorrow. Once owned, do not forget; does not get, but also to cherish; their own, do not give up;’ve lost things in memory.

People most difficult to control, not others, but himself; people most difficult to overcome, not others, but also themselves. Life, no pure sweet and bitter, always hidden in bitter sweet, bitter sweet in his mouth. The beauty of life lies in the know in harmony with nature, out of their own unique and beautiful way of life in the twists and turns into. Happiness in life, it is knowing contentment, stick to their indifferent attitude and fulfilling life in the mundane into.

Do not make life difficult thing, only make life difficult mood. Just change the mood changed, and the world also changed a lot. Not too entangled in the moment, do not worry too much about the future, when you go through some things, look at the immediate landscape, you will find the same has not followed ago.

It is often lamented, live tiring. Tired, spiritual pressure; tired, heavy psychological burden. Tired and not tired is always relative, in order not tired, we must learn to relax. Tired heart, is saddled with too much baggage; heart is tired, people fall into the sub-health; heart tired, make their listlessness. Let the heart is not tired, we must learn to put down.

Happiness is a feeling, nothing to get the money or how much. Hearts and open-minded, tolerant and gratitude, life is always sunny. Life mixed, smart people know how to give and selection, happy people know how to sacrifice and transcendence. Can be content now has, detached gains and losses joy, but also a blessing.