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Micro - time

[ 7/30/2014 9:28:04 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Farther away than time, is our heart. Our free between fantasy and reality, gradually neglected many real good. Accompany you around, even if only a cloud, a gust of wind, a flower, but also your fingertips little happiness, micro-moments · · · · · ·

And you meet, by chance, is inevitable. Smiled, and you, in life, like a first cheerful music, touch fingertips can hear each other’s laughter. "Separated by thousands of miles, you have my heart, my heart have you, even miss it seem sweet." Gently put pen to paper on the horizon, do not say I want you · · · · · ·

Time, if the dream is also given, spring blossoms. Do not live up to the wonderful, time is not fate, it can not.

The wind gently dough, jealously guarding a touch of time, in a melodious music, the breeze rain, accompanied by little sad, floating light rain outside the window.

No happy nor sad, you want to feel a touch of sadness, like the rain, the ground gently, like a breeze gently blowing, heart walk slowly, drizzle in the breeze · · · · · ·

Shallow time, the yard covered with leaves of a small tree, also sprouted new leaves in front of the open space. Front of the house to grow vegetables, flowers behind the house, maybe this is what I want the best life. Micro-moments where you can hear a greeting, far, direct the heart, the heart will be warm, no matter under the rain outside · · · · · ·

In fact, did not like the cold, covered are feeling cold. Fear is the biting cold from the heart, as if the world is cold. May still encounter Alienation years Yeah, I do not favor. The fate of more than a perverse, so I gingerly collection and your drip, micro-collection of those moments, those little happiness.

Been thinking about you is not a place I ever stray? I had a dream where, once eager, ever want the happiness. Must be, or else I would not be so cherish those micro-moments · · · · · deep in time and relive moments micro traveled together, those little happiness will slowly overflowing heart.

Happiness is very simple, on your side, in the micro-brewing time, gently fragrance · · · · · ·