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The last of the Pour out

[ 7/30/2014 9:36:45 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

Yifeng, you still go, quietly, to little fanfare, all the care and love will never leave you!

I cried, tears!

We met in 2008, six years, you are in my heart is heavy heavy a friend.

You know what? I’ve been worried about your condition, but half a year, you and I never tell the truth, every phone call, and I will let you tell the truth, but you say nothing, slowly recover, get well soon up ...... so, virtually, silly I believe you, for your illness with great




hopes and expectations, I spring from winter heading, I think you’ll be home spring, but spring has passed summer is coming, you still in the hospital, in early July, I’ll give you a telephone call, you still talking and telling me, all right, soon enough, an old friend worry!

However, Yifeng, why do you keep me non lying? Today I received your friend use your cell phone for text messages that you send, tell me you passed away today ...... I really can not accept the message, I think, think this is a scam. I think, think you just lost the phone, it was just a prank. I dialed the phone, your friends say you the truth, the bad news was confirmed.

Originally dam yesterday afternoon to the morning you leave suddenly received a message, no mood to see the prairie, sat 10 hours by car to get home from Fine. The first thing is to go to your home to see your space, Yifeng, you actually go clean, without leaving any trace.

I deeply know that for so long, you do not want me to worry and care, you know I sentimental, so I do not want to prematurely sad and melancholy, you, sunshine, cheerful, strong, optimistic, never wanted to give anyone trouble and bring unhappy, but, today, I received the news suddenly, so I can not face you.

From hear you news of the death, in the car, I would have been in tears uncontrollably, home, crying worse, he also knows that the friendship you and me, he said, happy to cry out Come on, did you feel good some.

At this point, I really want to scold you, this is not sensible guy, why do you let so many people down, why do you live up to the family and we hope for you. So why do you have to do a good person, but why such a good person, but died young, and why such a good man child a sense of justice, but not allow him to live several more years of heaven on earth? Not a good life well? You know what? Henceforth, "good life of peace", these six words in my life, a fairy tale! Because of you, I can not believe it!

Yifeng, and why I done it. Your bad faith in this guy, do you remember? You say you and I want spring outing together, you say your body good, Langfang must come to see me, you have a chance to say, we were exploring the rivers, mountains ...... how you can does not count it? So you go without a word, you let me feel then?

Do you remember, I gave you to do first birthday graphic "Rain is in the world of memory fragments", then, as long as you find me in a bad mood, whether I’m not, you will be in the chat box to I leave a message, said that many enlighten me. Do you remember in February of this year I wrote for you, "I’ll wait for you, well ever" it? I said: You have to live up to expectations, come on! You do not let me thinking about, do not let me cry, I’m waiting for you, Shizumori fleeting, well ever!

I said: hurry up, otherwise hit you ass!

But, you disappoint me, you’re that guy, without my consent alone to heaven ......

Do you remember? You wrote my birthday "Yujiebingqing" calligraphy and paintings, you know, how it makes me miss ah. Do you remember the phrase "Langfang have Xiaoyu" it? Let me not forget for a lifetime. Do you remember you told me on July 6 text messages for my new anthology from the title "reunion, floral tea millet is not," You fool, our chance yet to even meet, let alone reunited.

You fool, a call that day, I said that this book will give you the book, it will not let you spend it. Any time you say Xiaoyu out of the anthology, old friends still support!

Remember "encounter, is a tree bloom" is the title of your play. Today, I tell you, Yifeng, my new book, but also with "reunion, floral tea millet is not," the title you play as our life’s memories and pictures of it!

Tonight, I opened your avatar is black, I wish he could suddenly lit up ah.

Yifeng, you only 45 years old, ah, you are so young, you leave Qierlaoxiao, I know, this is the reason you wasted step ah!

See your photos in the album, I was in tears, I wish I could give you a call, hear your hearty voice, and I wish I could see you in my log message, even if the word is good selfish ...... I hope you stay with us go, Yifeng, Xiaoyu can not write anymore, heart pain, you are cheerful and familiar voice still ringing in my ears, seems like yesterday. Your Message large piece big papers are still engraved in my heart, remember. Let this deep silence miss, gave the night wind, let it drifting north, migrating to the quiet world, migrating to where you belong.

Just last night, came home from a day of rain, and now, the rain is still coming ...... I know that this is God in the company you cry, cry with me also. You see, when you go on the road, a lot of people you off, we have for you to light up a light heart, hope to go on the road to heaven, not dark and lonely. Yifeng, there is so much to love your friends miss you, bless you, in this life, you are worth it!

An old friend, you leave good, you can no longer withstand the pain of torture.

An old friend, in fact, you do not go, you live in my heart, and we all miss you.

Tonight, I filled a glass of spirits, as you see them off, a thousand words into one final talk: an old friend, all the way!