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Old people

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Suggests that it is old, old man, old, sounds are so horrible, cream of black hair, bad a face, a reminder of the people, most of us still do not understand all the old middle-aged, says the Federation of habit "who will not old then, so what? "right ah, who would not old? Can we say so simple, because we are not old, our time is still struggling for life, you can also struggle, as well as energy have the ability wish.

Each person will have a home for the elderly should be, we will have our own identity with family life, the elderly are a burden for us or family, I would like to acknowledge the family, just because the blood just because it is an innate human we will always be concerned for them, is so ancient, 100 Yoshitaka first, it will be so forever eternal attachment. Sometimes, in this materialistic is bounded, we will pursue a better life longing for a happy family, but most of us will believe money is the basis, of course, I would like to think that this is correct in this society, and some wealthy people to their home for the elderly can be a nice rich, some people will be stretched to their home for the elderly poor, some people pursue is not high, some people ambition Pa Chi, some people fought to survive, and some man-made Daoshanhuohai dream, some people cut spine wasteland children, some people ······ life we have a lot of frustration Ever since we gradually got used to the habit of the heart. I might still small, but I was a bit lucky I still small, you can also say a few words are not used to.

We may not have time to care for the elderly, because there are a lot of things on our shoulders, we have our own lives its own life, its own family’s own happiness, we may have to survive in this strange space society. So much of this society nursing home, elderly people have a place to go, although this is lower under the policy, but in this society, sometimes really helpless, for some elderly people, they are very lonely in the "home", the best to go to a not lonely place, someone to talk poker playing chess, but we have to consider is why they are lonely, why? ? Because they are old? ? We all know.

My grandmother and I lived for a long time, take care of me, give me cooking, laundry, too happy for me sad too. Grandma is a strong woman, a woman we do not know, I’ve seen her cry, and that is really strong and tears,

Naturally, the outflow from brown eyes and, with no sound. It was one morning, I was in junior high school, on Sunday at home to rest, in the morning and chat with her grandmother, things all over the world at sixes and sevens, grandmother recalled last a lifetime, and I said to her life, that part of the storm of the past, she the red eyes are visible. Then she laughed, it was her and I said, those, aunt child’s intelligence, buying and selling things, a lot of people’s praise.

My dad and Uncle dig Eupolyphaga together, it is said that you can sell. Also, the uncle of heroic deeds, diving save my dad. My dad is really fun to sell (like sesame oil, I can not remember) how he came home. Then Aunt is so cute. Regardless of that I have not seen. New Year, harvesting, planting, sheep, family dinner, sleep. Children five people. She smiled, but that moment I saw the tears, is satisfied? ?

Once, she was staring blankly at the picture, it is a photo, said to me, "I die to meet."

Of course, some elderly people can see through it, like Mr. Yang Jiang Red could be happy to enter a nursing home, a lifetime of experience with wind and rain enough, but some can not, they do not want to go in there, because there is not good? ? Maybe, or bear children for fear of filial charges handed down in the ancient faith.

Maybe the old man will often say that they sick, dying, old, broken leg, broken hand. She was afraid of death? ? She looked through the year peers to die, she had in mind, we know what death is, she is not afraid of this, she was afraid of what? ? Is a heart. We are the children and grandchildren, we will enlighten them, I, too, we would say, "old people will be so, it is not a disease, no music," right ah, we would say. The last to go home, my grandmother told me that her leg problems, very negative, and I very much hope that she could be happy, I said a lot, let her not to think too much, happy, alive, her words so I do not know what to say, I will always remember that sentence, "said the easy" right ah, say easy, it is not old we are, we are not old. We only theoretical. Grandma is not so talented Yang Jiang, is not a rich woman, she was just an ordinary flat Fanfan village mothers grandmother. Her identity is great.

Grandma why sometimes you can go, and sometimes can not go? ? Because sometimes natural and sometimes unnatural, naturally you can walk, could not walk more and more convinced that this is psychology. Why not natural? Because the leg is really a problem, even if the problem is not that she wanted to be. Life eighty seven load, hundreds of millions of miles, count the time scary, that are out of step by step, with the legs, and then distances traveled, and then close the distance in feet to take. Live by the legs and hands, but now we know what it feels like ······ it? We only theory, the gap between theory and reality no one knows. If I suddenly can not go, I’ll be mad, even though I was in high school.

Grandma did not stay all day talking, nothing to do, go bad, she did not think so much is the miracle?

Grandma, now, this moment, what are you thinking? ? I do not want you to do in this strong, cry cry out, your heart can and Who. Would you say that?

Perhaps, I’m still young.