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Grandfather tea

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Can be trustworthy walk from the time I went with my grandfather in the tea plantation in play. Tea plantation was built with five layers of wood houses, village tea processing. It is a river rapids in place to facilitate water power to drive a wooden tea maker. River sound, sound and tea machine motor rotation sound engulfed our voices. I always followed my grandfather behind, watching my grandfather came close to just sprinkle fresh leaves of bamboo sitting in the sun, like a butterfly in a lengthy chase too fragrance run. An hour later, my grandfather loaded it up again tea tea machine started rolling barrels. At that time, I like to sit on the sidelines, quietly watching arm tea machine like the human arm stretched like a shrink movement. Over time, rolled into a group of tea from the bottom of the barrel to roll out, redolent astringent flavor, I learned to rub my grandfather groups scattered after the tea into the barrels.

Engage in large collective, when the village is a few kilograms of tea annually grandfather made them come. After the season tea, black tea grandfather used to do a big bag installed, Kangshang scooters, alone dragged more than twenty miles away Chengguan tea station. Countless times to run each year and trek, no one has to worry about before, they trust the captain will always be safely produced in the steep mountain trail running.

Every time I go my grandfather served tea, are filled with his grandmother to prepare the potatoes, it was my grandfather’s lunch. One day no one knows the hardships, hunger and exhaustion hide in the darkness, just me and my grandmother in front of the fork in the road waiting for my grandfather’s return.

Under the moonlight finally saw my grandfather, I rushed over to help push scooters grandfather, my grandfather always work out a few fruit sugar from the purse. I put the candy wrapper smooth installed in his pocket, put the sugar fed grandparents ate, they say bad teeth can not eat, want me to hurry to eat. I’m sucking sugar, that colorful fragrance, around send me sleep.

Grandfather of black tea can always sell good price. Time allocated at the end of each year, after deduction of rations every household money, but also the tens of hundred dollars clutched in her hand, over a warming years are a credit to their grandfather.

After the accountability sub-field home, my grandfather contracted tea plantation village, changed into green tea. Chachang walls had been replaced by a spacious house, which placed all modern machinery, except for some tea processing by hand, the rest is mechanized assembly line is completed. A few years later, my grandfather to lift the old family house, built a new brick house repainted, also bought a black and white TV, the village became the first people a better life.

I grew up in the village many people are quietly into the distance to work, earn back a lot of money. Can still guarding his grandfather tea plantation, guarding his Dasan, guarding his family.

Qingming tea worth before and after, is to sell only to the front and rear Guyu before doing their own drink Roasted.

Tea is two tea, the sun has been drying for several days, the aroma of drying out, grandmother Ganzao into the tea fields. Lunch is sent to the fields to eat my dinner monthly transit to eat. Come back at night, a large backpack and fresh leaves, fluttering fly volumes gallery.

After the grandfather of the red-hot wash pot cooking, fresh leaves wok, plainer diffuse gas in the house open. Grandfather picked fresh leaves hands from the bottom of the pot, stir constantly. Issued by the crisp sound of fresh leaves in the pot, I Dianzhe feet looked journeying between green tea in my grandfather’s hands dance.

Grandfather to finish fixing tea, after sharing a cool loaded with coarse calico pockets, into a large tub, his hands holding the wooden pillars, kept rubbing bags with both feet.

Experience is the grandfather clock, he can be very ready to take the heat, just right to put a good tea and rolled into the warm plastic pot until the tea dry.

Grandfather to make good tea Tandao dustpan. The next morning, my grandfather and only then finished tea into the plastic bag, then put a cloth bag, with a thin rope seal the mouth of the layers of reality, into the five-drawer cabinet.

In winter, neighbors, relatives and friends sitting around the fire ridge edge. Grandfather put adobe Chaguan clean, put the fire roasted hot, grab a tea into the tea pot, grilled side, while holding the handle up and down Chaguan jitter, the smell of alcohol, alcohol suddenly filled the entire room. Thirty-two minutes later, water injection boxes of tea, while the gap tea, put the cup scalded with boiling water, pour for everyone - tea Liangliang, dissolved like a steaming cup of Topaz in gently sip a small mouth, hemp, astringent, bitter, what awakened mouth taste nerves. Like grandfather, like drinking and sipped hot tea, suck pair of mouth. I always pour boiling water cup first, then mixed with a little bit of my grandfather boil dare to drink tea.

Drinking tea, talking vernacular, cold day in dormant in quiet quietly by.

More often, my grandfather a man sipping tea.

Grandfather when the lifetime production team leader. Busy season, he was always the first one to work every day, the last one after work, rest time must come to tea to quench their thirst.

Village after dinner is silent. Smokeless grandfather would mouth, long, holding a cup sitting in the dark corner, mountain burning smoke creak, as my grandfather’s silence.

For decades, my grandfather in the end in mind?

Eight years old when fleeing into this small village, made a door-law. When middle-aged to participate in the Battle of terracing, we are reluctant to put mountain artillery, he took the initiative to provoke put the burden of mountain artillery, one day at dusk, even the sound of eight guns were launched into a rock in a pool of blood clods, coma two weeks, final struggle from death into the sky, lost an eye and his left middle finger on the index finger. Daban Collective those years, natural disasters, poor harvests, grandfather concealed up to ensure that the villagers rations, and finally accused of being criticized, but also to help the couple behind the house with a landlord ingredients with congenital heart disease the daughter of a ......

The number of grievances grandfather Yeah, you can never hear my grandfather made a complain, complain, then say the last part. Does he put a full stomach, then into the tea in it?

Grandfather did not attend a day of school, but able to recognize the words written in crooked arithmetic book. Field forest sector head of every household, he memorized in mind. Disputes between neighbors, family conflicts, weddings and funerals for all households at home, my grandfather is the best mediators and housekeeper. I remember when the demolition of the old house to build a new house, my grandfather gave master bricklayer, carpenter speak structural dimensions of housing, the use of wood the size of how much can throw you. Each master a doubt confused to find my grandfather, like grandfather is the real master.

Glorious flower grandfather obtained a certificate and a medal hung a wall. His granddaughter who became a home stand out of the mountains outside the industry, you can grandfather guarding the village, drinking tea lifetime. When my grandfather passed away 75 years of age, he was lying on a piece of green tea gardens of their own choosing, he can not do without tea.