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At that time I met you, just good

[ 8/1/2014 10:00:52 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Like a place, like love, like life can not forget. No matter what it becomes, for better or worse, but in my heart, like years ago, first met, fell in love with.

Xitang, a lot of people say it is business, and I do not deny that, but it will not just agree. After all, some people hysterical, it is still simple, but it is also in some people’s eyes, still met the initial appearance. Like love, you are beginning to attract each other’s advantages, over time, you found his shortcomings, but it still does not affect your love for him.

In Xitang, since four years ago, met, on its alley, street, I walked back and forth do not know how many times, if there any one thing can make time stand still. Even the crowd surging tide, that tiny corner of the place, is still written in the wind turned everyone passing by here every day of every story. Although you may be due to the hustle and bustle and tired of it, it’s because of the smile and love you.

This is the most fascinating place Xitang.

After the noisy, bustling off to the middle of the night, a cat figure, so lonely climb month shoot. All wind go past become blurred, when thoughts of the heart, not the past tense of the elegance of snow that month, but now has a bland and quiet. Therefore, people Xitang Xitang gradually falling dusk, and I’m a man of the journey, the collision together, just good.

Of course, I can not stand it is feasting rendered crazy, even though I can not stop. But all this did not affect the initial meet its look. From an early, catch a moonlight, this is most true when Xitang. No downtown, no noise, art and personality have not opened the shop early men and women are starting earlier and furnace curl of smoke rising in the river, the steamer began steaming buns, instant suddenly discovered, this is Xitang the others really look like, and how to live a thousand years or else it?

Xitang is a favorite when it rains, crowded streets and alleys suddenly dispersed the crowd, followed by a fragmented Chengzheyusan boy and girl, as well as those who hide under the eaves wet hair and shoes girls . And I, most likely that of an umbrella inside. But sometimes, perhaps sitting in a shop window, drinking tea, listening to the rain, even if it is over is the whole afternoon.

However, like Xitang, not just as simple as filling theatrical.

It is from the heart, or is it real life, rather than Xuanrao of living.

I can not stop the emotional disgust of others, but you can make yourself more patience to find it flooded real. Since I met here, take some time to come and see me every year, most people can not understand that last year actually came seven times. If I give an explanation, can not say the specific reason, just because I like, it came. Longer be in Xitang, the more want to leave, whether it’s quiet in the morning, the afternoon of art, or night of madness, and lonely night, there is always a heart wound care, could not bear to leave.

In Xitang, the so-called hustle and business, but only that the house was surrounded by scenic hanging of a Bale. Just a lot of people come here only to the hustle and bustle at the break, but had given it not far away, there is one called "Xitang life" place. I do not deny, I also like the fence in the scenery, but do not always take sides.

In the evening, when free access is scenic, but also wine, green lantern, crowded start. Shaking goblet aside, and that singing guitarist, taking advantage of the most gentle light when I left the area.

If we say that every street in the region I have gone through the familiar, then this is outside the streets afraid I never pay attention, this is my fault. Xitang always thought the most beautiful in the early morning and at night, and that subtle hidden life breath can not easily be found in Xuanrao, and no wonder there are so many people complaining about Xitang too commercial.

So, like my kind of mood and inclusive state, fear is rarely, so I understand their emotions. Otherwise, why would the hustle and bustle at the bar street crazy, in a hurry to escape out of it?

But I believe, a bustling and noisy, there is always another scattered and life. Street exit from the pond to leave, it will have been walked along the streets, crossed the road, scattered and life from the wind.

Suddenly thought of a passage, if my old, live here, if everything has not changed, I think I will be very happy. - If I have to grow old, the next cup of tea, a dish a porridge, rain curtain, do not care vicissitudes, has been watching human phenomena. If I do not grow old, a memo book, a few words, one red, inscribed in the World. Of course, I was young forward, I met a city, do not ask every time, fell in love with a man. Hundred years later, Yan played a reed, autumn sway, though born of loneliness, but not sad.

Yes, if I have to grow old, to find a suitable place to live a happy life scattered clear. So, when it came from Tong Street, across the street, I would breed a simple life in his later years.

This may be Xitang people affected me.

Food stores, blacksmith shop, daily shop, sewing shop, there are shops selling hand made brooms. This is the area where literary Petty and highlight the personality of the store is completely unable to make a comparison, although they are also Linhe shop, or corner in the alley, but always dealings, are just ordinary life of the locals. So, if the scenic spot is a carved gem, then this is a piece of living scattered outside valuable diamonds in the rough. It has no downtown, no noise, no literary and personality, it is some ... just life.

It touched me, love Xitang is deeper.

And that itself is Xitang attracted me. Outside the hustle and bustle, so close, but it felt so quiet life. No one elongated alley shops, there is no congestion, or polish, Taishou looked intricate interwoven wires, the sky suddenly became blue.

Bypassing the alley, a watchdog from being run out of the yard, it stays in the threshold, tongue sticking out, first looked at me, and after a look around, you may be seeing a similar small partner, then his legs tail and ran away. Passing through a window, the floral curtains cover the half, while long-lost they would close the window sewing machine, scissors, placed at the edge of silence, the host family is a woman, because of the camera shy, I did not upset her calm emotions. Silently through the window, he is the blacksmith shop and broom shop, and a pair of standing at the door and asked if I want to stay in the old man and old lady. After politely declined, in front of a piece of open-air markets, coming and going are living in this quiet place of Xitang people carrying baskets or bags filled with fruits and vegetables, from that moment onwards walked around, suddenly found , home life is the real body alive, facing the. And that is temporarily leaving the time though literary happening in, they are not living in the real look.

So when I went back to the scenic street when passing the bar, and here I am, could be so out of tune. Until nightfall, all asleep, lights are off, the roof of the cat still walk a few times occasionally hear barking, standing waterfront until dawn, saw the stove lit the fire, the sound echoed across the quartzite washing, breakfast Shop women and men leisurely past men, would be seen, Xitang that hide the true appearance in the hustle and bustle inside.

Therefore, the way to meet it life is not easy, so at that time I met you, just good.

And one day in my old years, maybe a really here, a dish a porridge, living scattered calm day.