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Bottom beggar

[ 8/1/2014 10:24:31 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




I did not know was abandoned children, or the majority are subsistence rural people and downs caused by the result. The dress worn Zhongshan Fu, bedraggled old man in Shenzhen, the bustling place begging.

Elderly always ruddy, laughing Yin Yin reclined on no cement plant flowers flower bar, head of his tattered bag leisurely sun. Next to it is a small bow of burning incense to private spontaneously formed slowly. Although only about one square meter,, put on the floor only a large cupola, highway building a small corner of the abandoned, pray to Buddha who is unusually lively. Every day there is always nearby residents who drove even farther still come here for the thick smoke increases somewhat. When you see they knelt and bowed in prayer finished, towards the big drum in the burning paper, he would pick up a big stick ready, poke them down. There are indebted to those poor and sorry and he would give him some before leaving the hands are carrying the eating, eaten bowl will remain at his coins. Often, he always exposed contented look. Perhaps more to reflect their own values, recognized the joy of paying it. There is also turning a blind eye to his behavior, without any indication to indifferent away, the old man habitually faint to see them go back one.

Old man begging for a very long number of years of history. At first he was on the bridge waiting for a few months, while an elderly woman waiting there. Sunburn sun or heavy rain in the dispute, watching the sun or rain on her sadistic, he always patted clothes quietly receded, so that all who pass by here charitable collection to love her. That, elderly women crossing the dead man wrapped General belly, the result not only did not score the text, was also the man reached down mercilessly on the ground. Elderly rage, catch up towards the belly is kicked. So he was beaten back hurts now. Older women was very moved, often to help him wash clothes after the passage of time and take care of each other. By her son, local workers call him after that shameless old, playing bad idea his mother, and stole all the money on him, he threatened to walk away, or he should pension nail in the coffin for her mother, who Whether this can be a mother. At the request of the elderly aged women snivel left the bridge.

He also worked on the highway. When the vehicle is a traffic jam or a red light when the car he was specifically looking for senior hand, after repeated warnings patrol hazy smoke down into this place.

His children do not know how my father flies outside year round. Local people just burn incense, nobody say big drum, the origins of Avalokitesvara, and only God knows the village that no father no mother of the child from where did you get the money to go to school.

New Year’s Eve, the street car Exalted scarce a lot. Complex emotions make me restless. Unknowingly walked one square meter of land. Actually my surprise to no one to burn incense, the old man was sitting in reverie like something. See me kindly smile. "Grandpa, do not home for the holiday?" "No return, here are wind yang have compassion, eat and sleep well warmed and I’m happy very satisfied Yeah, every day in the New Year"

I suddenly felt the elderly have all the spring flowers and sky. And these, for most people, is how rare and precious it! Our daily shuttle in the streets, doing proud of the work, saying the words of honor and dignity, heart brain dominated by utilitarian gains and losses for the Honor hi Xibei sad. Enthusiasm of the elderly, love and hate, love life, love of mankind ...... all in all, just let it stay in the film it? Just put into action without any desire soaring to behave yourself? Just let the news media works hard to promote it? The old man up ahead of the rich, external intrinsic, rich let me ashamed, makes me jealous heartache too rich, too rich a beautiful world