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Empty city

[ 8/5/2014 9:09:52 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




When you think of a person distant time, only frustration. But in fact, he has been in your heart again.

---- Inscription

Hot July air commotion with a restless mood. Only rain in the evening breeze night, into a person’s dreams, in order to seize a moment of peace. At that time, subtle fragrance floating, bringing Allure cool.

Tonight the moon, still hangs touching beauty, like you cold eye, but it does not shine as my dark night. I was promised a cloud, wandering in the open sky, free. Like a person, I would spend through a crack in the lonely wind burst in, went to see him. Or, not loudly, lest you disturb the tranquility.

Never know if I’m still your heart position is not very important? Love a person, but by not nearly hearts, only deep within the heart. Pretend calm on the surface, how to conceal the heart of surging undercurrent?

I think he is arrogant, but reluctantly bowed his head for love, for you humble. Have missed the thousands of times, but you still can not see, and, my bitter struggle. Even if we are serious about embracing, with my body temperature to melt the ice is being condensed. However, you are no longer so strong gentle, lingering warmth is not. Hold your hand, and you choose mercilessly put his hand, gave me a useless smile, do not comfort me face the charge.

Your city, picturesque. My city is a city without you, full of empty.

If I am lonely, not because the heart is empty, but you come less. A lonely man, a wonderful person. My one-man show, no fancy stage, but only I was alone in costumes show. Longing for a taste, bitter changed by pain, only they endure in silence. Waiting for you for so long, the only window of the moon, has been hand in hand.

Who walked the rainy season, the heart has a moist taste. Even in the sunny days of exposure to the sun will burn my fragile, easily breakdown soul. All I forbear, all the faithful, you have felt invisible.

Night, more and more, but I’m sinking.

At this point of the window, Yuet Wah watery, my heart is stormy. There is a sad, down Kuangyong from the roof tiles, lonely blossoming splashes spray. Hiding behind you, I still love you passionately devoted, however, pretend you do not know. Encountered a beautiful start, but could not guess the final outcome: abandoned all ambiguous, but waiting for an uncertain future. When I spend all his courage, in exchange for nothing more than a man indifferent eyes, I think in addition to you, my heart, what is left?

Knowing you far away in the horizon, but would rather stick in the mind. I search in flashy vicissitudes, has been in full bloom jasper cold, poking pain dawn glow. To say goodbye, but it is no longer seen. Kate’s desolate and sparsely scattered cold, I pass the intersection you no longer appear, see the lipstick forgotten in time, leaving only the gentle quiet cool, still floating constant ancient pale and weak.

Originally, holding something in her hand, crushing such as sand, only careful, it will not be lost. My heart has broken, said cheat myself hurt, I stick to the fairy tale, but a man of dedication, a person alone drunk.

I am a sensual woman, never Aromatic, rich bones but it is emotional, sensitive and stubborn, identified things will not give up easily. If you lose, even if I won the world, how can I do to be happy.

When the love of Lanzhou long muster of Jiang Sheng, already in the thousands of miles of rivers Yanbo, a song to go alone. Roadway in the city’s bustling street, I love the cold dressed only carry arms, quiet curtain pillow I fall asleep. Repeated back, the mortal world aspire to a total look Pretrial Huakaihuaxie, weak spend in the misty rain heavy westerly Chuijin floor already is, is always blown away that faint Qingchou.

Tonight, please promise me walk through the dense text between, the trials and hardships, reach your distance.

Text ---- barometer Fangfei