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When the year is ripe jujube

[ 8/6/2014 10:08:56 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Everyone’s memory, has a dream. Whether you wake up wake up, it has been in the.

------ Inscription

Summer in August, still glowing strong style, summer heat diminished PCT points. Window of the various landscape trees, lush, verdant as ink, after several months of sunshine and rain to nourish, has been overstating many, all the more stout.

My shallow mind, but also in this summer’s heat wave in churn, and then fall into the breeze flowing along a dream. That deep dream, there are home in front of a jujube, has never gone away. It quietly rooted in my heart, standing in the memories of germination green color, familiar taste, a touch of sweet, but it is so profound. I thought, this time, it is the ripe fruit, right? Yes, certainly will.

A few days ago, I took it fondly, walked along a road countless times, through everywhere Tao Heung, back home. Perhaps poor management, open space in front of the already overgrown with weeds, shrubs occupy every inch of favorable terrain, vibrant. Only the old jujube tree was bending rings, stay where not rash, dry growing old, but still so tall. It’s full of too many vicissitudes waist, across the scarred by years, ravines such as scales, bear to see eye.

I looked up, patches of Egeria always emerge among a string of surprise, those green rounded particles, those jujube red, purple. Just been very scarce, many did in previous years. Picked up a stone, homeopathy fling up, just listen to the sound burst, plunging to the ground a few dates will be whirring, fall jumping. After picking up a few, but also exudes the aroma, fall into the mouth, a crisp bite that is really sweet. Right, is that these jujube, has more than once brought my taste sweet like honey, let me countless times as a child, as it cheered. At this point, I was in around it, it gives me a better feel unable publicity out of the feeling.

I remember as a child, every time this season is the busiest time of the farm, but also our fun was the most pleasant moments. However, children must help people to late seeding large plug end, after the early kick warehousing Valley, in order to have their own time. At that time, although young Bugeng Shi, although somewhat reluctantly, but expect to share a little of their parents, or full of joy.

And so busy everything, big people can finally corpuscles down, we do not worry we need to do housework. Those of us kids, got air, is not stop, play a variety of games: off the plane, do windmills, playing gunfight, hide and seek ... .... village outside the village, and ultimately, our wandering figure. Of course, the younger sister and I most like to do is to climb the tree, picking dates.

Hour of me, though not say how naughty and mischievous, but still have to do a man’s spirit, is sure to meeting tree. I could use all the strength, Huangyou climbed the tree tops, even though the heart will thump thump wildly, but also to pretend calm. I carefully do open dense leaves, twigs hard tortured by those dates tablets. Brother and sister timid, always standing under a tree, waiting for me to play down the date tablets. Just a moment effort, the floor dates, Sentimental yet ripe, ripe purple, glowing attractive sheen. We picked up eleven, and soon hold a big bag full.

Then we leaned against a tree in the shade under, stop listening to the cicadas singing, sharing these sweet fruits. Facing the breeze, our East and West of nonsense, saying that people can never experience the big story. Later, we just fell asleep and dreamed that he long pair of wings, will fly to distant places, there were only a strange look, but hit it off.

Then the summer heat no match, fans are blowing hot air, not solve the problem. One night, the heat seemed to have ran out of the house, people are afraid to stay in the house. So, people think of a great place, and that is sandwiched between two ponds outside the village’s main road. The place is not too wide, can only accommodate a bamboo bed width, however, is very narrow, but always full, neighbors are pushed here, lined up, can be ranked very long.

The night was quiet, quiet to only be able to hear the calls of many insects, not when there came a "quack cluck, cluck quack," the frogs. People sitting on bamboo bed, waving palm-leaf fan, said this year’s harvest, and we do not understand the words. We crowded on a mat, while chewing the tablets during the day did not finish the date, while looking at the stars, and then look at the Milky Way, about the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

Said the tired, we discuss, we agree to catch fireflies. Those fireflies light, charming light hair, always hide in the bushes, we awkwardly panic a stop, a, and a, are carefully packed in a plastic bag, if this faint light, but also can illuminate our little dream. Until the night was deep, we have eleven asleep, but also vaguely heard the sound of the big people talk.

Jujube tree, we finally finished, the whole summer has been finished. Thus, we not willing to walk into a classroom, reading that the total can not finish reading vocabulary, a heart is left in the outdoors.

Today, the village people are migrant workers, only a few elderly and young children, unlike those early years lively. Families are fitted with air conditioning, a night, mostly behind closed doors. That cool place, covered with weeds, nobody cares. Let our generation obsessed with dates, no one remembered, will be covered with an entire summer. Xu is now the children, too many snacks, it can only be ignored.

Perhaps the most cruel things in this world, than time, a lot of people will be ruthlessly cut in two places. Each bathed in moonlight night, I stood on the balcony, facing the wall Shen Yuan, alone, looking at the sky, only to find those familiar clips from old memories, and then turn on one page, back once familiar taste.

Tonight, I would like to put away those wonderful clips, put pillows, sleep sweetly, and then want to do a dream. That dream inside, there will be those crisp dates, a one, are naughty swings.