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A beautiful convention

[ 8/6/2014 10:12:40 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Homelessness is a piece of ice, but also the quiet half-month suspension, the moonlight pouring in the snow, a shiny silver; snow with dance into the sky, turned into a ray of freezing cold. Light bathed the earth, beautiful, lonely. You come to the party, I heard a chuckle, wind Snow Storm, moon and stars welcome. Ever remember? Here, we had a beautiful and dreamy convention.

You said, wandering in the snow, full moon night, you will come back, and I Taxuexinmei, and I Dramas Hanyue; you said, the month when the most beautiful yarn cold cage. The snow hazy, numerous dance love song, the moon was round, round and short, middle man, this lie? Empty leave me a man, alone and lonely Hanyue tours, independent pity fragrance Lamei, while you are no longer around, Mei Xiang is not like that, nor is that time of the month the United States.

Mid-your shadows, exceptionally charming, you light Nianhua tip, blowing the sky, out of hand, cold incense residues. Looking back, can not help but together bits and pieces of the past. In winter snow and ice dancing pay, we are here and enjoy the cold months. Starry line is connected into the moonlight, light Dan Yiqu, dancing melody that dream, the month, have you my shadow in the sky Manwu. Looking to the cloud side, still see the moon, playing a clear, human energy was heard several times? Slowly month, can not stand towering nine days of cold, covered with a layer veil, also dim our eyes, then passed out in a dream day, I say you are the brightest star in the sky, you said I was months coming out of people. At that time, we joyous dripping, swim sky ......

Today, chilling has come with you, just leave me a lonely person. Mo flowers, why not come back? Frost nine days of cold, Could you be able to stand? Bing buried, walking alone, thinking always out of control, fixed in the day that you go, you tears while other figure, over and over again, do we not see each other again, a another millennium? I began to believe that the world is no longer destined, want you to forget the world, and your shadow has always been in my mind, half hanging, lingering, but also endure not play, the moon is not in the circle, always missing that corner, a bit cold, lonely hanging in the sky, then curl clouds, no longer hazy.

That light air released into the atmosphere, rain lingering, that every night of the full moon, you may have missed, and I miss that little bit, dispersed the clouds. Did you ever know who is? You have a dream for thousands of years, no ban miss; who is? You fell in love with this frosty sky, for you, a broken chord

Dreamed a dream, waiting for you; spend in front of you, watching the rain; rain hazy, bloom; hazy bloom where you ........ swayed dream lingered, reluctant to wake up, afraid you come back and I can not see, woke up weeping star tears, only comfort, this love speechless. I do not care forever, just know, when we see each other again?

Please tell me when it will meet, even thousands of years, and I would also like to hold monthly stunning retain starry, when you come back, and we have to solo the next month, to see the shadow on the clouds. Do not forget, we had a beautiful convention. Jiduo quiet drifting Hanyue plum, mid people Qinggemanwu. Tears fall Jiabian, a drunk millennium, exposure dream, the shadow hovering