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Quiet years, and the light line

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Summer morning, a graceful quiet beauty, open the window, across the verdant yard gardenia, exudes the aroma, fragrance and graceful in the season Mouli, Qing Ning, Ann warm. After a light rain, the sky, such as washing, everything is more verdant, wonderful life, and that is to the abundance of the heart, from the vision of the future and hope.

Repeat the day, the Time each day writing a dull, hurry back and forth, so that we do not have a long time to calm down and feel what is happiness, and I feel every day is so unusual, in fact, when we live when plain and sigh, how many people are under the torture of the disease, and how many people are working to fight the disaster, but we can at their own that Yimiyangguang, enjoy the interpretation of the resurrection, is this not a happiness.

Life, always make you cry, and then laugh, just to give you a treasure and understand; life, always make all the answers after you tasted the flavor of life, only to tell you the meaning of happiness. And for those of us who do not have much experience of ordinary people special, sometimes, more of a perception, and happiness will bump.

All along, I liked to write, described by the word, always ups and downs, write love, love to write vigorous, often written in a legend; writing life, but also the ups and downs, one hundred thousand turn back; writing life, but also written and well-being stricken, twists and turns, always thought that, if the ink is too dull, and is unable fascinating.

With age, a heart polished and precipitation years, began to like elegant things, such as, cotton clothes, light text, increasingly understand that this is the world’s most long-lasting feelings, must grow with time, the best of life, from the dull days of dependency go hand in hand, life will not necessarily those glamorous long, steady is eternal warmth.

There are always moved, as the window of gardenia fragrance, gently warm a tree. That way exhort like family, care of the eyes, not so far away, such as friends, faint companions, shallow Rye, all the way to follow, as a lover of the truth that you open the door, deep and shallow bear in mind, is the soul of dependency. Way of life, capable of peer-section of the road, is a carnal, a warmth.

After this went on, thousands of miles, picking up all the way to the warm aroma, those shiny surplus grip, to decorate the night cold, do not live in a beautiful flowing hearts, let Time of ivy, covered with the color of love, both in the barren corner is also close to the sun as much as possible, calmly removed in season, the room to blossom smiling, well-being intertwined in the years to come, learn to treat and cherished.

Always some stranded memories, sad or sunny walking in the years to come, such as a thin first word from concentrated Yin to light, and then in Yudabajiao of darkness, to be buried or covered with dust, those brief reunion, is tangled in the palm fate, destined to be a never ending Zen way. Ring was removed, there will always take you out of the Ivy League in the past, when turned on while the rich, full Jian Qing Ning wrote, and gentle warmth.

This world of emotions, ups too, will eventually be let down. Only those who do not concentrated not strong affection, still life-long journey, the swaying beauty, such as that cup of water, although plain dull, but calm and neat and smooth, is written on the white-haired moonlight Qiannian will be with dye cream the Time, more profound, worthy of your lifetime, go gentle treatment.

Line in the earth, the end is not broken joys and sorrows. If the use of clean heart, come along the road, in the sun Xuan overflowing window, write Zen sentences, then the heart will Bodhi ease. Between the time of looking up, how many things, such as clean water droplets can rock like perfectly clear? How many stories can write the perfect ending? There is always docked boat, there are always stranded beach, there is always winding road, there are jagged mountains, life, bearing in mind the most beautiful, always from one hundred thousand turn back room.

The mellow years, placed in rustic heart, with soft eyes, watching clouds blossoming, see Aoyama rain, watching the sea of thousands of blue water, watching the sunset afterglow linger, with a gorgeous heart, feel the morning Qing Ning, night of quiet beauty, the fragrance of flowers, indulge month, will describe a smile at the Red Amidst the place, people, and vegetation can be peace and quiet, the heart, also leaves the indifferent as quiet beauty.

Often thank fate, can grant me one empty eyes, a landscape, as well as joy and sorrow and calm, so I removed the fleeting flowers, trees, species of Time, so I can read the thousands of landscapes, still do most true of their own, such as a bloom, during the flow of sunlight and shade, clear light and dark shades of life, after if the tide, the heart does not fall cloud of dust traces.

Way of life, no matter what kind of frustration and loss, as long as feel a sea, will be able to accommodate all the sorrows and joys, as long as the hearts of species 一枚 warm sun, it will withstand all the cold, as long as there is shade in mind, it is will embrace a refreshing journey of life, always experiences a wet rainy season, or haze weather, your heart will have a moment of confusion, however, as long as you wait patiently, the sun will eventually break through the fog, illuminating the front, give us hope and strong.

Flowers picked from will not lose fragrance; grass, not because of the rain and away from the sun, the road of life, there are always innumerable twists and turns, after the season, there is always joy and sorrow cold, if you know, this is a wonderful Time given by the external landscape, always run the eye, the heart of the abundance of others, is their own forever.

Years long, more often to a person walking on the road to go through a long quiet alley, or met rain fly, are given destiny, a clear sky, how to walk sorrows and joys. Always believed that no matter how many there will be ups and downs along the way, there will be, winding paths of joy; regardless of how much the world is cold, it’s still there, not like fireworks, to learn to encounter mountain over the mountains, rain umbrella, there bridge crossing, no bridge from the crossing, if the breeze light, smiling through.