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Soybeans round

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Reunification of the autumn of that year, a misty morning jis father fell, and could not stand up.

According to my mother talk, get up early the day of his father, said he did not sleep well at night, feeling some dizziness. His mother would not let him go to work, he said out of the way, it may be a little high blood pressure, just pack up the road outside the hospital scene, eaten a look at the clinic. Father has always been very confident, big or small home, my mother always listen to him. Who would have thought to be the mother to do lunch, shouting washed up for dinner, he found his father lying in a pile just sweep ramp next to a good bean crop, only two or three 十粒 hand 洋瓷 bowl round pick of soybeans.

Father is suffering from acute stroke, despite the rescue, get through a few days, but do not hurry up. We do children, no one has said to him the last word, he did not leave word. Think of this, I always sour, there is a breathless feeling. Mother is guilty, always nagging phrase: "all blame me, he always lacks body, who wants to track -" Whenever this time, we advised him: "Accidents will happen, people have always fortune, good take care of yourself! "

Suddenly my father passed away more than ten years, and the mother also increasingly see the old. Hard to leave their native land, especially when returning to their roots to. Last year, several Haoshuodaishuo sister, managed to persuade his mother into my home town, my mother came big burden small parcels, Han also do not want to give up, told her many times, the city everything is ready, the lack of what to buy what she did not listen. These Chen millet sesame rotten as if all her baby, sometimes say anxious, afraid she was angry, had both belt.

When moving upstairs, I found an old half denim pocket, what is very heavy stuff like fitted. Asked his mother, his mother said:. "That was my way of picking the beans, do species used, I heard you good sugar high Pacman, I want who happens to come, have not been met, which brought you back." I would say that what has, why. Be a "this" word just export, saw the completion of a mind like his mother seemed proud, his tongue, I only say "good" word.

Open the bag, I pulled out a small grab handles, rounded capsules full of soybeans, all glistening. Although already put a good long time, but the bag sealed tight, and Zhazhu mouth, preserved, still shiny golden color. I gently placed the tray on the coffee table, the thirty-two soybeans slightly beating a little groove they lay quietly at the edge of the tray, but still issued a "clatter" - "When Lang -" several more brittle sound, such as stone bead in general, lingering in my ears. Watching rounded golden soybeans, I suddenly went back to the distant childhood.

Home country, are Yudong Plain, has a history of perennial species in autumn soybeans. Although soybean production is not high, but highly nutritional value, high protein content, easy to digest. Soybeans are lazy crop, requiring little in the human. Planted later, in addition to hoe weeding and pest control treatment, but it seems not need too busy, you can focus time to do other farm work. In addition, soybeans and sweet potatoes mixed with other grains grinding to eat, not only made fresh hair fragrant taste good, but also can be used to evaporate cakes, croquettes, etc. Say it, eat a lot of soy, which can be directly used raw bean sprouts, even in the pan fry or a boil, add some salt, is ready-made meal. Of course, the ground tofu, made a variety of dishes, crushed soy milk, formulated into a variety of soup, it was no better. The villagers do not seem to fancy just these, more important is how many years farming in the old rules handed down, who would not easily changed, perhaps ancient agricultural civilization in our long-lasting one reason.

Remember that home farming, poor soil, lack of fertilizer, irrigation and unconditionally, the only scientific way is selection. At that time of selection, with today’s scientific breeding much worse, mainly by Zhuang Huren result of their own choosing and more beans grow sturdy trees in the fields, extracted, and then a grain tree tree by hand stripping . Before every harvest, I will immediately ran over his father, he was in front of a good selection of extracts, prepared bamboo hat on, I then ended headland, prepared in advance into a large bag; enough for two bags each election father Flanagan has suffered a lot with his mulberry wood pole pick to go home.

Chiba Fan night before going to sleep, light a candle, family courtyards, began stripping soybeans. A pile of beans per tree, a bowl. Initial still talking and laughing, nobody spoke slowly, only to hear the cob in a bowl of soy drop "Dangdang" sound, both adults and children like Biezulejin in to start a game you compete with . Although soybean sharp angle thorn prick, who also silent. Soon two bags of beans on stripping trees over, everyone laughing, contrast with, pour together, there is always full of a porcelain basin. Both hands into a small golden circle slipped beans, enjoying the happiness of labor, a slight feeling of pain has become a great happiness and satisfaction.

Beans even more interesting when there is a various method called "o’clock", which is in accordance with the original ridge head, according to the size of the seedlings distance, sometimes side replant crops or other idle conducted by the ground. Replant easy to damage other crops, and my father invented a "point kind of" tool. Now think of it, is actually very simple, it is to be one meter long bamboo sticks, with a red-hot iron bar through the bamboo, then bamboo is a sharpened. With bamboo insert tip down into the soil, beans loaded from the other end of the bamboo’s. So that precise positioning, but also eliminates the need to bend back and forth the effort to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Wife urged me to pack up, I recovered. I will tray again to retrieve a soy capsules, placed hands, carefully watched, I seem to see his father’s face askew kind and yellowed. Father exhausted lifetime of effort and sweat, did not change the fate of himself and his family in his beloved piece of yellow ground, and he died in the Pro bowl left behind when his mother sent soybeans and soy are pinned to the old generation of the earth life of future generations deep love.

Soybeans, soybean round, yellow earth you belong, and you belong to crawl on the ground loess farmers, you are my life indispensable elements!