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Like a hero alive

[ 8/13/2014 11:19:42 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




I have a friend, a guide with me in college, two older than me, graduated earlier than I now work as village cadres in a place where government. We have not seen for a long time, the memory pointers still remain in the starting point of parting.

In the final days of this student, we met through a computer in the videos. Video of him, or was at school that deal with life passionate boy, still love love to laugh, like to discuss some humorous stories. Between conversation and manners just filling out the secular and capable society, reveal the familiar reality brow, he still is my understanding that he just could hear the words of his trivial suffered a lot of hardships baptism.

We talked together had ever experienced from college age to the busy life of today’s society, from individual daily diet to talk to each other in life. Faced with me soon entered the community, he is very concerned about revealing look, ask me next plan how to go, I put my thoughts on the future to tell him without reservation.

He admired my literary attainments, gave me great encouragement and concern, I smiled and motioned for him, time does not dilute the feelings between us. When I asked him about the future of the way, he just smiled and shook his head, boss how I arrange how to do it! Vicissitudes of life with a little speech, his voice revealing the frustration in his eyes, permeated with confusion.

Dream past the high-spirited boy, all of a sudden disappeared from my eyes. Yao recalled how he once on the podium talking about starting classes on how to carry out his business career, how to say in front of everyone to work hard with confidence and entering into China’s real estate industry. But now it! He do not have the once rebellious in school, proud uninhibited attitude, the reality seems to have been polished between the edges, the context of the time in his face more and more clear.

I did not feel surprised, for all these things have become commonplace, perhaps this is a journey that most people go through along vague signs of life, embarked on a road traveled by many people, and as they like, they have slowly forgotten oath and dreams, helpless rely on memories to survive.

Society is a grand and magnificent theater, in this drama that everyone could not say with a mask, then mask with a long no longer tied down, and even forget that once their makeup .

Face tomorrow, no one can predict what will happen, even if they know the foot of future bad way to go, or to brave insisted on going. Time will take away the youthful appearance, will take youthful ease and beautiful, because this is life.

Whether the road ahead is bumpy or muddy, we all want to go steady and some are looking forward to have a stable home to the habitat no longer precarious, bumpy turbulence, it is human nature.

Time is the world’s fastest mobile objects, you’ll never find it coming trend. When tomorrow becomes today, becoming yesterday, our memory is no longer important day, we find ourselves too busy during that time young precipitation in a harmonious environment, dormant, finally drifting into a lifeless rivers.

No piece of land beacon, you can create an oasis lake. A lush green grasslands, can build Qionglouyuyu. Any of a seemingly prosaic land can birth a new scenery, life is never limited to your life, as you draw the line on that limited just your thoughts.

Comfortable environment is also a stage, without a stage audience. Even without the thunderous applause, we still have to put their own aura, a star on the red carpet spotlight shining youth, and in this glowing stage came, after all, we are still young, some capital.

I have a friend that is on the network know that he is a network programming division, the only junior high school education, but he has many students dream of paying benefits. I asked how he did this. He calmly answered me: that is slowly built up bit by bit, the answer appears to be normal, but implies many unusual, it is conceivable the middle of the experience is how merits.

According to him, he found work at a monthly income of only 2,000 yuan the first time, whether they had thought about doing this kind of work life, after all, in terms of his qualifications that number has been very good. Later, he gave up, I asked him why he insisted on the higher direction, his tone pause for a moment, I thought he wanted to be in front of the share of high salaries to attract him, but it is not. His answer was only a short eleven words: To the old, no regret it.

We all have at that age where ignorance is ideal youth cry before, also insisted too. Best able to realize their dreams, but unfortunately nothing can not be achieved. After all, you glorious presence on I was in full competitive arena too, although the final result we are perfectly tame this world, but in the final compromise that does not compromise each time before, are the most valuable asset , it is better to live in the capital.

The first step is to recognize the growing diversity of the world, recognize that this world is not beautiful, then decided to adhere to the original insistence, even if they know that they will one day fall alone on this piece of barren land

Some people strive to become their own satisfaction people, some people work hard just to give an account of themselves, perhaps we are a little throughout, but this does not affect us as to what kind of life to continue.

A child, always listen to Mom and Dad told us the story of the hero. Xiang Yu "life as odds, death is also a male ghost" discredited in the face knowing his elders, and finally committing suicide Wujiang, he considered a hero. Goujian painstaking, day live, Revival thousand more A final Htun Oo, he considered a hero. Sima Yi Zhuge Liang’s cynical face, like a Tarzan generally stays, expedition troubled times, and finally unified the three, he can be considered a hero. So many heroes from our childhood have been accompanied us, and we also learned a lot from them.

Although we are not a hero, but it can never embrace the goal of a would-be hero proud to live, that goal may be the same like the stars in the sky, you can not touch, but it can illuminate the direction of the front row.