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Death, or death?

[ 8/14/2014 10:07:38 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Has been suppressed, has been telling myself not to care, but really can not care? Yes, unless I die ... head hurts, I feel is about to collapse, the kind of sad about overflow in general, heart, pain is about to collapse. Well, this is just self-torture Bale, who would care? No one will pity you cowardly, no one would feel bad your tears. Can only suffer in silence, suffering heart share of injuries, but so, really tired ...

How? I laugh at myself, how you become like this? Lost in Love Lane? Have been asking themselves, but have also been telling myself, yes ... the eyes of some empty, confused, and I love the road, fell, got lost, had no direction. Suddenly felt somewhat sad, do not listen to his own heart has long manipulated, completely as a person smiles, but, he did not even smile, but also refused to give to me, I was too self-assertion.

Well, one day, I feel life is getting boring, found himself gradually lose all, I love the people, and the people I love, 2277 Did not you say you do not care about it? In fact, I care, I do not have everything, can do?

Some people say that when you lose more and more, it means death, but also leave you getting closer, without everything, why do you still alive? Watch their collapse? Or watch their mad? This feeling of despair about the heart, about my torn to pieces ... I had on the cliff, no turning back, in addition to frustration, or helplessness.

I laughed, trying to force his sad, sad burial, do not want others to see, they will ridicule me nothing, yes, 2277 you are a waste ... but really, the kind of oozing from your heart sorrow, it is difficult to put into words, is unable to hide.

Mind blank, do not really know what to do next is to continue the sad alive, or as relief-like, dead ... no one can tell me the answer, I can not give myself the answer.

I’m just slowly fall into the endless darkness, do not see the light ...