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Perception of childhood

[ 8/15/2014 10:48:18 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Suiyueruge childhood for the song; picturesque life, childhood is color; youthful dream, childhood for the King.

Kindergarten, in the wind, the rain, "fought", sunny day a gray, weather changes a mud, who is always dirty. Every day you know goofed, always with her mother behind, like a little tail. At that time, not so much work, not so much blame, how good! At that time, my parents never let me work, they always say:. "You were a child, could not do anything live" every day is how to control me, I’m like a bird, fly free in the patch my own sky.

Later, I went to first grade, I’ve met a lot of small partners, but also know a lot of teachers. Perhaps it is because learning hard, teachers often praise me. Soon after class and students can mingle, stone scissors cloth, how to play hide and seek ...... not bored. Weekends and friends went to West Market, the Botanical Garden is my greatest pleasure. We can say that a year and the biggest difference is that a child play than their classmates to play interesting lot. At that time among friends is nothing more than you and I play, I do not, and you play Bale. No duplicity, no intrigue, betrayal ...... and we did not go to school together every day after school together, play together ...... childhood childish face a picture of today do not know why it is so so missed. Think about it, when the original is the best day.

With age, I went to the sixth grade. Yes. It is now. I find life suddenly had so many difficulties, so many accusations. "You have to learn." "You’re a good student properly." "90 play gone too far." Someone like me to make such a request. I was a child, no hugs, no kiss, there are many from parents, teachers stress, there are 90 of us constantly questioned a lot of the community. These things took me almost suffocating pressure, I thought these troubles in front of friendship is not worth mentioning, I thought I would give a six-year friendship between a little comfort. But soon I found out I was wrong, people are always bound to change, my friends do not know when it changed. They will not accompany me trouble, I just sit and watch a man downtown; previous results no matter what I go even if only a little progress they will psyche happy for me, will always be among us now a sense of distance, it feels like passers - cold and distant strangers.

A child growing up every day looking forward to, but I do not know that time is really wonderful day: free, unfettered. Big, but suddenly found changed, inconstancy. So began childhood nostalgia. If you grew up in to pay so much, if you want to find ugly things grow so much suffocating, then I would rather not grow forever long, life as a child!

Childhood is like a meteor across the sky, leaving only a gorgeous moment ......

Yeah, I kid you cold in the memories of childhood Yeah, you hurt when the memories of childhood, when you drop an indelible mark on my life, my life holding a first reading of this book again read, I wanted to catch you in a hurry to leave footsteps, but all in vain ......

Miss childhood. Because it was once owned.

Miss childhood. Because that is now lost.

Miss childhood. Because that is the hearts longing.