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Two dollars warmth

[ 8/27/2014 9:49:30 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Night, brought her mother suddenly received a phone call that she forgot to bring him the money, should I go to the supermarket near the entrance to a beggar two dollars.

Mother away from our home has several stops, often do delicious gets here, are walking back and forth every time. Tonight, her mother brought new cotton slippers to do, just did not expect to go back soon, give me this strange phone call.

Put aside the microphone, my heart good while confused: Is this the beggar is her mother know people? To know that her mother is very stingy on weekdays throughout the year, never to see her for himself what to purchase clothing, life is very save, we eat a three times in the past, her mother will buy some meat dishes, often reminds us to live reckoning , but then a beggar now so generous?

Attend to think about, I launched a bike along the sidewalk to the intersection of the supermarket door. At this time the supermarket has been closing on the outside stairs, curled a beggar. Then in front of the supermarket neon light, I saw a bed dirty bedding, revealing a head of hair disheveled. "Hey!" I cried softly, see no response, they uttered coughing heavily, bedding began to have happened, a dirty Lianlu out. This is one of the older woman’s face, being widened one pair of frightened eyes looked at me warily.

For the first time so close to standing in front of a beggar, and in this cold winter night, I would panic two one-dollar coins thrown into her side of the Tang Cigang, the harsh coins issued during contact with Tang Cigang voice, I fled wildly left.

Home, Mr. been working overtime to come back. Listen to me talk about this matter, Mr. tells a story, it eliminates my doubts. It turned out in the field when Mr. college, her mother for the first time to see him, just left the bus station, it was stolen by a pickpocket, is a kind of beggar gave him two dollars, she found the son’s bus school. Since then, her mother has been grateful for the beggars, as long as the encounter with people begging, her mother always took out two dollars and handed them ......

Mr. finished the story, my heart a hot, original mother’s generous, full of goodwill melted in love, so warm.