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Childhood memories of cattle

[ 8/27/2014 11:43:41 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Childhood, every morning and evening is adult cattle must explain my thing. In that year, adults to earn work points a year on his head, not overspending headed in the New Year midnight to go a little food.

Early in the morning or evening, from adults who took cattle rope, pulling away for "tap tap" Chen Sheng sound of the cow, the smell of its body exudes those cloth flies mosquito bites have cattle Grievance see it bite to eat with his tongue like greed, fear that the pair bighorn and like to fight mosquitoes swinging ears, tail, although some are not happy hearts, but no way, who told me that the eldest too!

Not busy farming season, will be followed my grandfather and cattle, the same as a baby with his tobacco stems from not sucking leaves his cigarette, walked slowly, then pull his leg because when young men hiding in fell off the mountain to mountain, unfortunately, one to the sweeping changes will hurt. So he always walked behind me and cattle. At that time, less than a year old I was a small child in one hand and holding a job in this or the next day to the back of the book, one hand holding the rope cattle, impatient with the day the teacher assigned homework, they go particularly fast, so more when Wuhei dirty piece of thick long rope cattle always been my above their heads back in the back of the head. Closed on this, my grandfather called me to go slower, he said, so the cattle will be tired, but he always keep up to.

Wait until the old buffalo drinking water and then holding on the hillside grass to eat, I can be temporarily handed the task of cattle grandfather. Then finish my homework. Job sometimes more and sometimes less, pick some Jatropha leaves or leaves, stems or hillside so to field a shop, it became my writing desk of. There are cows when my grandfather, I can feel at ease to complete their jobs without fear of cattle will eat the crops that people blame others. If you live a busy, my grandfather is not the time, I will have to keep the cattle and the "desk" move house, adults and teachers to complete tasks and assignments I give glory must be completed.

Childhood I liked to sing in the school has also when members of the class style. Cattle grazing stood looking at it, when is my singing stage. I sing to cows and their listening, of course, but also in the vicinity of the ground and busy people. That year is not just an all-singing, "The East is Red, the sun rose ......" have to listen to the village tweeter or high my generation uncle singing "Dragon", "Salon" at the time, such as cattle . Since childhood, my voice clear and crisp, always Liaode cattle chewing grass edge from time to time, the side looked to see me, to where the people are teasing Let me sing it. Hours shy, performing in front of people always seemed to be somewhat Qieyi. One eye is often associated with large production team leader people encouraged me to sing a song gave support to spend a pencil at the instigation of this temptation, I flashed to his sweet voice. Took the captain reward flower pencil, the next day the students go to school to show off too!

After the job finished, broadcasting also rang. This time is also good, carefree watching cattle graze while listening to a broadcast of the news, songs, stories, etc., when the "little horn began broadcasting it" column, I was imitating the school thousands all over it! At the time, can not afford radios, no television, radio can be said that only let me come into contact with the outside world media. Now remember, then maybe it is because of cattle listening to the radio every day, just let me write articles have interest in it!

Sometimes, grandpa around at the moment, he would let me ride ventured stepped on Cattle horns, cow mat back first sack, I was always too dirty would not go up. Grandpa encouraged me, told me he once rode a tall horse story, perhaps this story so I have to ride a male cow guts of it, then the courage to ride on it.

Put away the cattle back, always look at that nest on whether the cow’s stomach filled almost the same. Cattle are the lifeblood farmer, live without it refers to the fields by whom go? So, every day I have to be responsible for its feed and then pull it to the ponds to drink enough water to the house back to the bullpen. Adult cattle rope leash and then cut a good night prior to its touch on grass scattered scattered loosely placed manger let it eat.

In my memory, buffalo rather docile and rarely get angry. But once it hit its enemies - the other end stopping to put other people’s bull, dog eat dog all of a sudden, I could not pull it hard to pull it, followed it to break free of the rope with my hands Tau head against the head of another hit in one place, hit the foot of the hill, I was scared to cry, shout gallop past and labor are the parents of the team. I heard two cows in a fight, the production team who came, holding a little torch with a bamboo pole after trying to boil them, useful Thick child locked cattle legs pulled back down. But the two have showed their cattle rolled flood drainage ravine gone, narrow ditch body will my family cattle overturned squeeze in one place could not move, roll down another cow because it was all just above forcibly pulled gone, the mother burst into tears, fearing the cattle so saith the liver will die. After crying to dig ditches in the soil by hand, the father of a very critical look at the situation, and quickly taken away his mother, and with the crowd got thick thick stick of wood, cattle slowly get together. Exhausted buffalo out of danger, but it is lying on the hillside, breathing heavily, his eyes containing a eyeful of tears, I panicked at the big people in the process of rescue buffalo, trembling hiding a big locust tree afraid to rely on before, lasts over nearly an hour, veterinarian also been invited, looked at the cattle said no big deal, cattle are slowly struggled up in the gutter after his father drank a little water carefully holding home. And after I got home that night also had a good cry. By now, after a lapse of 30 years, the mother saw the cow fights eagerly look and face full of panic, there are still stacked in front of me now when you let those clear picture, remember.

In recent years, with the machine on behalf of the cattle to promote the project in rural areas, mechanized operations efficiently replaces one muddy farmer in the field of heavy physical labor, cattle are being gradually fade out of sight, but the childhood of grazing cattle memories made me experience the hardships and then farm life care for each care.