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And the dog decree by destiny

[ 9/2/2014 10:05:48 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




I have always been afraid of dogs, for fear of boring, even hated, wanted to talk about the journey of my life, but three times with dogs destined!

The first edge from his wife. His wife is a dog, dog’s loyalty and diligence, normally not unassuming, on playing cards, Internet, shopping and more are not interested, but then the wife, mother and cooking, laundry, wiping tables, mopping the floor and a series of chores children soft spot, and bored. Sometimes I also want to do something to help, but she too slow to do my chores children and not clean, but will I turned away. Gradually, I fell into the parties themselves idlers, do housework able to enjoy delicious meals, warm clothes, clean home, sweet peach transparent feeling. I am surrounded by happiness, and sometimes self-thought, maybe a past life I was a good person, good things others have done big, wide Buddhism, as well as life to marry such a dog, capable wife, nice !

Sometimes, the wife is not gentle, will highlight its aggressive side, especially when drunk hit me. I remember one winter night, my colleagues get together to drink, to the wine exhausted people scattered, is the dead of night. I came home drunk thirsty, so hold on to water pipes, faucet on while Kuanghe Bankai, wanted, eyebrows pipes halter was hit at a hole, suddenly bleeding, while they do not know. His wife heard the ring, busy look up and saw me lying on the couch, face covered in blood, being asleep. When the wife looking for drugs wounds done cleaning, disinfection, hemostasis work, I then woke up from a drunken the ignorant. That night, my wife in tears vexation criticizes incredibly hard, dull moon; curse tired, his chest was palpable, mutter prayers, thank God did not let me hit the eyes.

The next day, fierce story continues, in spite of my wife’s face, despite my objections, saying that last night to tell the story exactly as far away as the home of the parents siblings, therefore, will again come meal gusto. I know a bad drunk, his wife and this is good for me, may face the temptation of wine, I will not be restrained drunk, but compared to the past but a lot of convergence. Many times, I do not want, do not want to go home drunk, and then face a "Henyou fierce" wife!

The second edge from the son. In the second year of our marriage, my son hi down to earth, happens to be a year of the dog. Faced with "two dogs," I joked a disaster, think of a family has two genera dog, how crazy is that! I can imagine the situation was not so bad. Perhaps With our attentive care, perhaps hit the "dog run," his son was brought up healthy, smart, independent, reading, education never let things parents worry too. His son is a good child, there hot temper, mother and son from time to time will be a little small to war, arguing loudly with incompatible potential, has repeatedly arguing for the mother and son after the Cold War into a long-term worry the result was stunned, often after the turn, anger vanished early, between each other and grin!

The third edge from three dogs experience. Dog, I was opposed to it, and my wife’s point of view also, like son extreme dog can do parents not good Funi. Fortunately, that time lived in a cottage with a small yard for dogs, coincidentally next door neighbor’s house just had a litter of puppies, and they seek to one, take a nest in a hospital corner, and began dog course. (Article reading network:

It was a male dog, Minghuan "melon", still did not get do not understand why a judge and "melon"? Because the dog is his son’s name. "Melon" is very particular about hygiene, urine feces never pull at home, sometimes naughty too like a lovely child, throwing bread to it, it actually excited to be picked up, chasing its tail, swiftly ran out the door to show off, as if it Diao is not bread, but a bright yellow, flowing bones oil! See it kind of serious effort, now let me recall still laughing. "Melon" so accompanied by his son grew up, until one day due to excessive gluttony chicken bones, pulling blood vomiting, struggling to roll, actually a Ukrainian call life. At the time, his son is very sad, we also grief, that is the son of the best childhood playmate, who accompanied his son how many seasons gone!

Later, his wife has brought back from a colleague at a Haba Gou, mother, named "black." "Black" very docile, even usually do not wait to see it, and also innocent girl lying quietly beside me, or stooping, licked my feet, suddenly, cool, Xiang itch the feeling in the body spread, very comfortable. "Black" does not pay attention to hygiene, urine feces casually Sarah, was beaten repeatedly also unrepentant, wife feel hateful, then it is locked with chains in the yard, do not let it move around freely; loss of freedom "black" since had watched helplessly, until his son came home from school, will hug it, kiss it, and then take it out for stroll.

Later, the "black" is also pregnant with twins cubs, a total of three, and post the next day, his wife for a bath, but unexpectedly died unexpectedly the next day. When his wife found that "black" when he died, and that three dogs went so far still not open eyes constantly sucking mother’s milk! Scene was very miserable.

After that, the dog is slightly larger, in addition to leaving a self-support, but are sent to the people.

Bird left a good appetite, leaf vegetables face will relish chewing, but the habit of chaos urinated feces was wrong genetic, last resort, his wife and lock it with chains corner of the yard, whenever after it’s around, see the thin neck chains prematurely fasten shining, and my heart burst of sad, is not too happy. Later, this has not been named for its puppy, but also sent people. Since then, the family no longer had a dog.

Fast forward 10 years time has elapsed, the son has grown up, but he was dog, but still love the dog’s disposition has not changed; period, I have tried to change anything, but with little success. Fortunately, the interaction with the dog, so I understand a lot of truth, know every encounter is fate, fate hard to come by, are good thoughts to repair causal; just treat every life, cherish every fate and have life only prescribe the most beautiful flowers!