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In this way getting old

[ 9/4/2014 10:25:49 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




If you can, we all lost life now, back to that remote village to re-live it again.

You had finished your childhood in your village, I was in my village had finished my childhood.

You can not read a book, you can not learn on. By that age, matchmakers will introduce us. We do not fall in love, to the time I drove a donkey to carry you over, laden with your love, laden with your youth, laden with your life ......

Kerosene lamps lit, you Na Xiedi, I buckle corn kernels, while the village to talk about things, crops thing. Blow out the lights, we just say blanket, or if only bed thing.

Every morning, I would get up early, carry a shovel, or carry a plow. I would stumble off the trees at the grass dew, dew wet uppers, also wet behind the cattle hooves. I brought oxen, cattle are holding me, we went to the ground and wake up still dreaming of soil. How far did not come out, I hear you pull lookout box Pata, Pata loud, as if to sing old ballads. Brisk chimney smoke wafting will. Winds, drifting smoke, I smell, I smell burning out in the Yellow River chopping firewood Gezhen taste. I go all the way, thinking juh swayed your mouth red face, the sun climbed the mountain to length length. .

I Koichi morning, the morning and earth to say a word. You busy one morning chores, and say a morning Jigou pig cat words. I rest when you get out of the courtyard, leaving the basket on his arm, came to our fields. Far, red scarf tied over your head wind Yi Liao Yi Liao, I do not know, you gave me to do with how well the bread and water, the way to go, laughing all the way to the heart ...... (article reading network: www

I sat on the banks, drinking millet porridge. Turning a wild flower in your hand, while looking clouds, the mountains and see for a while, finally smiling see how I eat.

I finished a one in the mountains of plowed land, you put his little basket filled with fresh grass. Or when that path to the small road bathed in the sunset. Cow walking in front of us walking in the back. You leaving a basket of grass, I carried the old ploughshare. Sunset painting our shadow on the ground, either side. Sometimes accidentally, two heavy shadow together, we can not tell, who is who melt into the shadows.

Blown open courtyard, remove the body of our own stuff. You help me shoot went off the dust, I picked 一枚 grass from your hair.

The sun went down. A wind clouds drifting on our head, opened a colorful umbrella. I hold in mouth pipe down, pulling the bellows. We started cooking the evening time.

SJ down, we pick Huaihua. Atriplex down, we stroked Atriplex. Bitter herbs everywhere, we easily pull some do a vegetable. Do not put too many spices, just put a little salt on the line.

Small courtyard, we sat stone bed supper. Pot of millet porridge and a bitter herbs enough, so we can eat meals at midnight, or even eat a lifetime. Finished, the bowl on the side, quietly listening to the sound of flowing Stars. How long to hear, hears how long, anyway, do not have lighting. The moon came from the hills to climb, small courtyard as bright as day.

We just sat in the moonlight, the moon is not old.

We looked at his getting old ......

We, like all farmers, farmers had a simple life. Spring, autumn harvest. Then enjoy a winter leisure. We traveled together youth, middle age, old age. In Xiangruyimo years, witnessed another aging process. So I can see more clearly what I went through a period of time. You have been my mirror. I’m from among your white hair, see my old face. You also from my wrinkles, see you through the years.

No one reference, we will live very dazed. Even difficult to see themselves how one day old.

When I was in the village and along the old man squatting under the foot of the sun, you have completed all the changes from young to kindly.

Perhaps, we have children and grandchildren.

I do not know you will not regret this life. I will not. Even a lifetime is not out of a radius of 50 miles, I do not regret it. We completed a life after all. After all, safe to the old.

Our life does not take the car, do not ride the train, do not watch TV, eat delicacies, but also firmly Dangdang still have to live to old age.

Today, so many people try to run toward the town. They run, we do not run. Even a village on the remaining two of us.

People are gone, the whole village is ours.

Live this life, we have an entire village. A village in the moonlight, a village cock, a village of smoke, a village of robins are the property of us ......

We have looked after these things, see how long you can see how long. Sooner or later, the village people will come back. They all came back, we put the village back to you.

One day, we will think of death. I think before that, we went together to the ground to choose their own place.

North, south, west, you say. Life, many events are my final say, this time, it is up to you to call the shots.

Selected, we find stakes nailed down.

Life and death are the important things in life. Is sacred, clean. We headlong disorderly live this life, think about it, but also there is anything more important than these two things. We do not put raw thing, at least, should be the last thing to do this thoroughly.

No matter who goes first, and we will be in accordance with the custom of the village take to complete this thing.

At this time, I am a little contradictory.

I do not want to look at you first leave, it makes me sad for a long time. How long is a long time, probably my life. I do not want myself to go first, the lonely days left for you. Old people would have been enough alone, and I go to enjoy themselves how the death of the heart, leaving you, a man sitting under the moonlight lonely stone bed to the old.

Think of such a scenario, I would not want to die.

But if you put me as a person to stay in the moonlight, how my life would bleak, lonely ......

Seasoned certain time, we old coming to an end, all the old no more. No one tooth can be lost, nor a place to hold wrinkles. God finally completed two works of their own hands. We will also look to each other deep in mind. This is in another world, regardless of who should be there, one will be able to recognize each other from one intersection to.

Thus, we hold hands and continue to go ......

We do not know what life is like that of the world, so do not think too much. Only this world’s life, first in earnest, easy to complete.

When we do everything, we have nothing to do great things. January night, we sat stone bed, bowl aside. I smoked a pipe down, fireworks and swayed a little bit you kindly face. You are like a lamp ancient oil lamps, old as I remember the lights in your.

We always sit young old. We all know what’s gone through his own life.

One day, we sat sat asleep.

Asleep, what we leave here.

Quietly leave this life.