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We can not go back to those years

[ 9/5/2014 9:55:09 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     




Overheard saying, "We can not go back to those years," it is like a hammer in a heart beat, a deep shock quickly run through all the blood, it is just like a cold shiver every inch of skin pores, revealing the chill in with confusion, lonely, helpless. Yes ah, those years, we never go back, really go back!

------ Inscription

[Wrote those years of small children who partner]

Maybe he is a very nostalgic person, when I see kids playing, it will stop and watch for a while, watching them play very happy, also with their smile, after ridiculous too, there is always a lonely and sad infected me. In them I see the shadow of those partners that year, saw those years naive yourself.

Kid for me is the happiest period of life, who at that time the family is not rich, busy working parents will care for their mood too strict. The first thing is to put down the bowl called on partners to play, we play the yo, hurled stones son, shuttlecock, etc., as long as someone found a play, we have to play on an exhilaration, occasional trouble is in the inevitable, and sometimes they will inevitably suffer meal parents beat. At that time we have been accustomed to suffer Dayton beat, as usual after being hit play, often confused with a group of children to the home messy.

An innocence to spend more brightly than the spring, like a bunch of those years we swallow, incite the naive carefree wings to fly. We are excited cheering idyllic green areas, a child is always looking forward to growing up, always think like adults have strong shoulders, every New Year a few days, we have street, cheering grew up, hands holding a firecracker, walked discharge, often scared girl hiding in his mouth shouting bad boys of us, that moment we always laughed mischievously.

There is always a surge of growth in rural rustic, rural children at that time have not seen much of the world, the occasional car will feel very fresh, will lead a group of children to onlookers, around, around us, sometimes the driver took us on a lap pocket, it Bengtiyouduo proud of. Now a day trip to see the streets are a variety of luxury cars, but those years compared to ordinary cars, but also how to not feel those years of high-grade, in retrospect those years really is a blessing,

Wealth is innocent children, innocent face a picture of all trace of an innocent, silly childish, in addition to playing with each other, slapstick, there will be no psychological entanglements that got into a fight today, tomorrow and work together to play, the kind of generosity and spirit, is the biggest treasure we lost adult. Child’s mind is always filled tomorrow, filled with sunlight, filled with growth, with no smells kind of happiness, can not be devoid of aesthetic that period of time. Sometimes it will stop and ponder those years we have gone? Is not gone through a period of years, would be lost for some time? This terrible process to mind is a kind of shock. Rings in the stack, we grow old, then what is our turn is waiting for, is nothing right?

Looking back, there is always a lonely heart from those years we gradually fade out of sight of each other. The boys start their families have their own home, the girls get married to find their own happiness, and some far from home in a foreign country, it is now also get together with thousands of hard to extremely difficult. Always think, dust circulation has not forgotten part of our story? Inconstancy of human relationships, there is no loss of the innocent? Many twists and turns of life, life goes wrong along? If dust still remember us, then give years of a beautiful idea, given the time left behind a childlike innocence. Do not be surprised to encounter, only for those years was pure joy to us.

【Addressed to those students in the teacher】

Set foot on campus at the moment, the face of unfamiliar teachers and students, was somewhat perturbed. Teacher warm words can dispel the heart of all concerns. Students from the strange to the familiar, but also became the most intimate partner. Play together, homework together, sing together, then we still have a happy childhood. Ladder shape the journey to grow warm, though it is from all sides, but also brothers.

The same pencil, the same rubber, writing our growth. There is always a picture of our lifetime, a teacher holding chalk, dark blackboard, neat desk, holding textbook classmates. In those years, we have teacher training, the future is full of hopes and dreams, in class, class bell, we put those days carved into time. Wide playground, the wall of a single parallel bars, have left our presence. Forget those smiley playing, we can not forget the red brick wall painted leverage growth, with everyone forget Xiliu shade tree shade, forget starting a run at the starting line of life.

Years always inadvertently took away part of our spend, once faced with a parting studies, while teachers and students share reluctantly, always add a little life to the bitter childhood. Along six feelings that have been integrated into the blood, would leave full of bitterness and how much the miss? Time urging us to grow, maybe have to endure every course were tempered. We are no longer promoted to junior childish, and also threw a share of childish innocence. We began a new journey, in the face of new teachers and students also quickly converged, we are no longer fantasy, but also how to develop using to study the future direction. In the heavy bag, the pressure of learning is increasing, but also a lot less leisure time to play, but the share of friendship between teachers and students are sublimated in silence in solidarity.

With constantly studies and leave suddenly find that we have grown up, we have to face the future down to earth. We shake hands and campus time, issuing cards with one, which devoted a blessing to each other and care. We left the school this tree, such as patches of autumn leaves, in a separate Li song, drift angle in the horizon. Whenever retrospect those years time, there will always be a few drops of tears Yingying, it is a blessing, is thinking about, is unable to let go of some Love. Now, faced with complex society, there is always a sigh from the heart, those years time we go back. There is always a call from the depths of the soul, the students of those years you been? Teachers in those years, there is no added a few gray hairs? Are often written into the mind thoughts, not for the missing years, only for those years of our youth.

【Now you and I wrote】

In the trend of society, we had to be hugged away, often cruel reality exceeded our expectations. With the expansion of materialism, secular thin cold, our hearts have been changed a lot. We all have their own little home, with their children, is no longer a fantasy for us. For a better start, in order to share the responsibility of shoulders, running in their dust. The pressures of life let us recall less of promise, only occasionally cause heart feelings in a song or a place scenario, we will remember the year, remember those years of warm, remember those who have no interference fame pure.

Years footsteps promote prostitution, in their trip, in contact with all kinds of people, but also learned to package yourself, learn perfunctory, learn the evolution of various mask. In such performances gradually numb, heart is not so pure, and blindly running in contaminated covered vanity, that the temptation of fame ridden rebirth confrontation, already see their profile. In fact, carefully think about it, we really happy? Is missing a lot of it? If life is a drama, then who is behind the leader? Is vanity, fame and fortune, or excessive doubts? Our drama off screen as clown plays a variety of roles, while we watch a movie while acting slowly sluggish in performance, the sink in the fame. That we are all vulnerable, inadvertently was social change.

Looking back at last one day inadvertently discovered long lost to when the road. Difficult to self-hundred thousand turn back, walk blindly caught exactly what? How much have they lost it? Should time be able to stay a while, so if you can allow yourself a quiet corner, deep thinking, vanity why? Joys and sorrows that? Hua year PASSING, how many old time, travel rush, mottled how many years, ask the wind, the wind silent, and asked clouds, rain fall, only that old song singing in the dust.

Time in the walk, there are many stories belong to us? Life kept repeating rub shoulders and parting, and each bloom cycle are validated years old, we stop and young distance, in one thousand-changing magic dust, and only those dusty in the folds in the past, and still give the youth doing verification. Perhaps the human mind superimposed with age, increasing carrying capacity, will be more nostalgic. In life there are always some memory can not be buried in time, it is complicated thoughts, always inadvertently appeared in a corner, with a touch of pure release.

Always a lot to say, say to us now. Faced with the dust of the complex, not too harsh ourselves, to learn to happy. Life always gives us a little unhappy, failing to do seriously. In wasted time, we are also gradually grow old, if time could, put those stories lost, in my heart grow old together accompanied dust. If he met again in Tayue, let us smile Red, laughing a simple, innocent laugh a.

【Wrote passed his sixtieth parents】

There is always a sad fragile our hearts, watching gradually aging parents, and my heart there is always an indescribable feeling. Parental upbringing affects our hearts. But years of relentless, old face them, plundering their youth, white hair has increased, the spine is not straight, watching the faltering pace of growing old, really do not know what words to use to assess their share weathered kind, in what ways should we use, retain live their dwindling time. Recall that along the way, owe too much kindness. To our happiness, parents pay all the hardships, which sounded travel exhortations, which involve parents heart, because there is always a line involved with their roots.

As a child growing up in the care of their parents, for our children’s well-being, in order to allow us to eat well, dress well, live a comfortable life, they toil back and forth, no regrets pay everything. We grow up and marry, but still ultimately care, in their eyes, we will always be kids. We can temper them, not liking to them leak, because only they do not care about our fault ah, because we are children ah! There is always a ridiculous idea, and if a child can never do more than good, so we’ll always have mom and dad!

Grown up, have their own minds, parents often do not care about the words, and sometimes not enough for them to talk to me. In fact, the parents came to rely on the experience of the road, it was one Goukan trip out, maybe not as Yiyu with rhetoric like the books, but it contains the most profound portrayal of life. And we are always setbacks in the future, only a rude awakening did not listen to their parents. Life is suffering, most parents really none other words, to understand their nagging, not wearies and collision, so that parents chilling. Years later, if you can hear parents nagging side, that is how happy thing.

The child is a parent’s heartstrings, grew up the sub thing, some parents and children a year are microscopic side, maybe we are very busy, are busy making money. Maybe we’ll play money to their parents from time to time, but think about it, they really need is money? They want to see a family reunion, they are no less than give that love, that idea! In fact, we really that busy? Busy entertaining? Busy playing cards? Or every day in overtime? Maybe we can find a variety of reasons to stall the parents excuse to look back, but a lot of things to himself all understand that parents lips do not say, and my heart also understand, because it lacks the ability of old. Once in a television public service ads to see such a picture, emotionally, a girl happy to give his mother called and said; Mom, this is not home for the holiday, busy! You get some good food. Put down the phone old man on crutches, repeating the word "kids busy." The phrase "children busy" is full of much frustration and worries. Stood a table full of delicacies that they be able to eat it? In the end we really understand how much parents?

Life is too short not to let busy ignoring the family, a "filial son wants parents not wait" is feeling much remorse issued. Parents gone someday, be able to make their own conscience, it would be much pleased soul. Money will come and go, but the situation is extremely heavy, MO regret doing things yourself. Huijia look and listen to their chatter, understand what their parents alone, not to let a busy word sad emotion. The same day we will grow old, will have the same lonely, when children often come home and see if we can, what we touch the vicissitudes of the face, there is no white hair count increase, I think that moment is happiest.


In the old times, we go back to those years, and emotion of these pathways, but it is the heart of our greatest wealth. Cherish every meet, treasure all the edges, let us on the emotional journey of life planted the seeds out of spring gorgeous ......