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Father’s taste

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On the journey of life, there are many views. Every post, every journey, all have their own flavor. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy taste we have eleven. Life, I can not give you a hassle-free nor I will give you bitter. We are tired too, the pain had hurt before, but those are the flavor of life, belongs to you, belongs to me, belongs to our most authentic flavor.

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Nine ago, I did not have much on his father’s memory. At that time my father left home vaguely remember the first day told me: "good thing at home, listening to the words of your mother."

The next day, the sky is still bright, his father left. For the father to go the distance to work, for I did not have much impact. His father is a go for three years, in three years, I almost forget the existence of his father. Sing songs like "mother of the child is a treasure." Although there is no father around that time, but I still was a little princess at home.

Village people often ask me: "Swallow, do not think your dad?"

I said: "do not want."

That is the truth, because in my mind, there is like a mother. I often think, but for that he is my father, maybe I have already forgotten him. Now think about it, then I should hate his father, hated him not to go home and see that they are so to say. At the time I do not know the hardships of life, how can we understand the pain of the father heart of it? Then still small, miss the taste, a touch of longing. Longing for his father’s arms, eager mother and father together with the New Year.

His father was not at home the day, the family is impoverished. Juggle mother was very hard, the village people say cruel father, went so far away, so eventually becoming back. At that time not been so easy, at home, take months before receiving his father’s letter. I read the contents of the letter to every mother would. The contents of the letter are mostly "good" and "Wunian" told me there is "learn, listen to my mother." At the end of that last I can guess what the contents of the letter.

Seasons, sycamore tree house in front of green to fall. The annual winter mothers daydream in that small way hope. See there is no father’s letter, look will not have his father’s shadow. But for me, my father does not come back the biggest difference is that there is no new clothes. Mother always said: "Do not envy others, such as your father back, give you buy new clothes." In this case, one that is three years.

New Year, my father did not come back we went to grandma New Year. Then the grandmother was a well-off family in the village, there are all sorts of things we did not have the. So, that kind of year for me, is still a cheerful year. At that time, the most fun playing with firecrackers. However, I am timid, but contain himself longing heart, so I will side clutching his ears, while watching the small partners slapstick.

Three years, the father did not return home, and I used to not have his father’s day. Village baseless rumor about his father will come out.

Some people say: "Swallow your dad do to you."

Some said: "Where, where my father saw swallows, looking for another woman."

Some say ...... moment between divergent views, the mother also had all the tears pharynx to the stomach. Fortunately, the father of three years to go back in the winter.

That day, I still went to the usual home to play junior partner. Later, a neighbor came to me: "Swallow your dad back." Then my mind is some resentment for his father and estrangement. So, I heard my father came back, I did not show too much excitement.

Home, his father was tea. I saw the house, his eyes lit up, his face full of smiles and said:. "Swallows come back."

I do not call my father, just stood there, looked at him secretly. Father or leave the way, but it seems thin, dark.

Mother did not call people to see me, change me busy: "Swallow, called the father ah!" After listening to the words of his mother, I reluctantly called out:. "Dad"

Father listened, happy to hold me up. While holding me while walking toward the houses. Father, smiling, said: "Come and see what brought my father to give you." That is what I have memories since his father for the first time to hold me. For a time, a kind of happiness in mind the taste, the taste of a warm flavor, but also at home.

Houses have a large box, my father put me on the ground. I see him smiling to buy things. Clothes, pants, candy, a lot of good ...... I would be happy to look at this, try that. My house was filled with laughter and father.

"Dad, what is this?"

"Dad, this dress look good?"

"Dad, starting the year, and you do not go?"

"Dad, they say I have no father, that you do not want us."

Words can not hide the hearts of the children is in front of his father. I do not hide their joy with that hint of resentment. Father stroked my head, the New Year promises come home afterwards. I know that starting the year his father still have to go out.

That year, because of his father, seems particularly lively. I wore my father bought new clothes, feeling myself a little princess. No children, do not want to be with Mom and Dad together. So, I will soon throw the hearts of the father’s resentment much of the.

Open, his father had to go the distance, the family has returned to its original look. I still joke with small partners together, still in the mother’s care, have been very happy. In people ask me, "do not think my father" when heartless to say: "do not want."

Miss, is a hint of flavor. Miss in the distance, there is a desire, there is a time of heavy precipitation.


Time, in my childhood fingertips, with laughter in my small partners inadvertently reminds me a little bit in the passage. The winter of that year, his father came back. Still has a part to my little gift, will I still be happy to hold up, here walk around there.

That winter, the cold, my memory for a lifetime. Father came back, and his mother silently left. That day, my sister and I like to be abandoned puppy, hold together, crying all night. Father looking on the outside all night, every time he saw him come back, I always grabbed his sleeve and asked: "? Mom going to come back."

Father suddenly haggard, for I may well fierce fierce "She is gone, will not come back."

Mother gone, gone, never came. The voice in my mind long reverberations. How I do not believe, I think happiness is at hand, how all of a sudden not?

My heart sank down. Pain, piercing pain. Scared, confused, missing all of a sudden in my heart was removed. Winter, that winter night, long, long, cold cold. After this went on tonight, my pen heavy weight. Reluctant to depict black night, only tears wanton in the winter night.

Father suddenly haggard, the first time I saw my father’s tears. His eyes deeply hurt deeply hurt me. I do not know how to make him no longer sad. I Qieqie father said:. "Dad, I will obediently listen to your words, you do not want me." I cried, the fear, helplessness, pain along the passage up.

Mother’s side is missing, while the fear of my father left me to go the distance, the moment I like the rain of weeds in general, laid hold relied.

Select a distant mother, and his father stayed. My life turned upside down occurred. Father, a man began to stir up the house. Every day is not going to fetch water bright, but also cut ragweed cook hogwash. During the day, go to the village to do odd jobs at night will go home. In fact, I was afraid of his father. From the mother had gone, his father’s temper is getting irritable, often shouted to me, but less hit me. I remember my father to take care of my sister and I had to work in the village giving. Then one day only 15 dollars, had from morning till night, sometimes bullied. And my sister and I have been to school, when tuition is not expensive, but for our family it is not cheap. At the end of every semester, the teacher always told us to go home to get money. Sometimes the father tired, let us not read anymore. Then I have some resentment father in my heart. He always called us not to go to school every turn. I had good grades, the impact can not go to school on my Santianliangtou also great. Years later, when I came to understand his father’s depressed and heartache. What’s not easy to pull a man with two children. In fact, I have been very afraid of my father. The impression that his father rarely laugh. I know his heart bitter bitter. He also wanted to give us a full house. He could only silently guarding us, in his way, try to make us eat some bitterness. His love never told us. Remember my mother to go that winter, the day after my birthday, I thought my father forgot. But at noon, when he came back from the outside, give me a bowl of pork noodles cook. All these years I do not remember the surface is already delicious. I remember that day I eat noodles and tears the scene. Father’s love never too many words, and some just bowl full of pork noodles.

Home is no longer warm up. At that time of day, there is no ideal, no future, I just seem to roadside weeds, just know that tenacious growth. Yes! I want to grow, even though the taste of life, full of bitterness, I have Jujiao Chu in this bitter sweet.

Before the New Year, there is no father at home, I can still heartless laugh, can still retain a copy of my innocence and happiness. However, without the mother’s years, it seems particularly sentimental. Although his father still will prepare a table of food, but less that the year of taste, a little taste of home, a little laughter, more heavy.

Little me, from sorrow to know a little something to take up the family, it seems that it overnight. Since then, a small river fish I catch less figure; rice fields, without me catch dragonflies figure; on the ridge, no I ran kite figure. All in all the laughter, in the year after, all quiet in my books, my little quiet in the shoulder.

Life all sweet taste faded, I began to miss, I miss the tall sycamore tree, I longed for a miracle, and I hope that everything is just a dream, cry later, I wake up and still have belongs to me home. Thoughts begin unforgettable, especially when I’m alone and helpless, parents meeting, especially in schools, especially in the dark each night, especially in that crying nightmare. For a time, life is filled with bitter taste. I would cry, but after crying, I’ll wipe away all tears, smiling face. I know that tears are bitter, but life is not always bitter down.

After his mother left his father rarely laughed. I remember, there are times school exam, I took a 100 language, it is never score. Essay that my teacher gave me full marks. My essay topic is "father back." Today, I, had already forgotten how to write in the article. But I remember my father’s smile. When I showed my father to see the papers, I saw a father comforting smile with pride.

Past scenes, intertwined hearts of the most painful memories. Every passing left a deep scar, I find a little bit in those years wasted, and lost dreams, feelings and thoughts. I’m waiting for my little mind share, sweet taste. About family, about school, about my distance.

After graduation, I left home, leaving my father. There are three years, I did not go back. In those days, I just occasionally call to his father. Later, my sister also go out to work out. Home to father a person. Father’s temper has become increasingly withdrawn a. Later my sister and I have become their home, the number of back less and less. Every call I always let my son go back and talk to him, while I’m on the phone, he was glad to hear that. Sometimes I say, "Dad, tomorrow we come back." He would faint, said: "Why come back, delay my time." I know, his lips so that his heart is very happy. Because every time we go back, he would buy a lot of a lot of our favorite things. What grapes, bananas, milk ...... maybe in his eyes we are always children, a child no conditions, grew up, he also wanted those who supply us. Father’s love, never say with me. Father’s love, is the piece of country lanes upturned eyes sparkling. Father’s love, is when I can not see the tears of sadness of parting.

2013 One day, he saw being played a central six awards show. Tao is winning the prize. Winners called "old age." Later Tao chopsticks brothers sang "father"

Always ask to you, but not said thank you.

Until later grow up, they will know how much you is not easy.

Every leave always, pretending relaxed look.

Smiled and said, go back, turn tears wet eyes.

Think the same as before, hold your warm palms.

But you are not beside being asked to carry a breeze.

Times slower time of it, do not let you get older.

I would like to use my everything, for your years long stay.

Life stronger Dad, I can do for you.

Trivial concern, accept it!

Thank you for all you do, hands propped up our home.

Always do at all, the best to me.

You worried about the kids grow up.

At that moment, I burst into tears. Father, thank you. Thank you for all these years, you have never abandoned me. I know you gave me is not the best, but I know that you put your best to us. Son looked at me and asked: "Mom, how do you cry." I said:. "? Nothing, we are back to build tomorrow begin to see construction begin grandfather, okay" "Oh, tomorrow back Jianshi see construction begin grandfather went to the" son happy shouted.

My father wiped away tears open the phone:. "Dad, we have to come back tomorrow," I heard my father’s voice: "Come back to do, to delay my time." I know that my father over the phone a certain smile from ear to ear .

Sunshine after the storm, I began to learn to capture every moment of happiness, looking for life in a variety of flavors. The book says, "God closes a window for you at the same time, another window will open for you." If your life is full of bitter taste, then strong it! After all the rain, you will gain true meaning of happiness. If your life is full of happiness taste, so cherish it! Thin to taste the most beautiful part of your taste.

In those years, through the years, through the wind and rain, all my life on the road most unique flavor. I use my strong, writing belongs to me a wonderful person.