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Love never left

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Is already midnight, but for a considerable part of the people living in the River City, at the moment it is just a beginning of their nightlife, then there will be the climax, there will be reluctant cleared in the end.

They used to go to night games, such as bars seemingly glamorous place, the deeper the night, the more they seem Hearty, the more indulgent, more madness.

Is to find stimulating? Is to find one-night stand? Want to vent their own? Or just because they are too empty lonely? Music was deafening, even the other voices will be drowned, what good? Firmly attached to the body of men and women together, again, is how much wind before going on ...... falling for these problems also do not understand how she did not understand how the bar will have the same attraction as a magnet, attracting a nightly dial another wave of men and women who hang around here, intoxicated. She did hate this place, she was so convinced ourselves that someone like her "good girl" is definitely not out of this place, a lot of people say she Pacific plate, does not belong to this world.

However, while she is here, she many days are here.

At the moment, she is so truly feel here - River City’s most popular "ing the bar."

Ear is a European and American disco music, the volume seems to be turned up high enough, the dance floor was not enough dazzling lights. She is extremely strong to determine their need those things to his own burial, because it seems that only that, she will not hear his heartbreaking voice, it will not feel that they have been fills the eyes with tears.

Writhing on the dance floor with her own body, frantically tossed her hair, she saw a picture in front of or callous, or excited, or confused face, suddenly understand such a dazzling and ambiguous light, a certain someone, and she like, because of frustration, loss, pain, paralysis would like to take their own alcohol, looking for export can vent about, or would like to see another find themselves, and came in here.

She did not want to do "good girl" again!

28 years, she has been a classmate, colleagues, family members, leaders in the eyes of the "good girl", she had so strict with themselves, the father in the eyes of the "good girl", academic performance has been among the best, into the community, work well, she has been is a leader, in addition to her less likely to take care of yourself, take care of others, but she did better than others better. She has followed a father in the eyes of the "good girl" in part, to make a good woman, my father said that only their own good, and you will have a lot more than others. However, this is not the case. She will still hurt, is the kind of Oath of injury! Like lose, lose that life is the most valuable asset!

She is really naive! Always thought he was so good, people will definitely know how to cherish her, and certainly not going to hurt her, are not eligible to hurt her, but Zhang ink, the man who loves her, and vowed to love him forever man or hurt her , one shot, let her Oath, did not let her back in the room, let her off guard.

Her eyes closed, I suddenly remembered Zhang ink goes angular face, inundated with rain in the evening, at the moment she opened the door, the positive and a strange woman’s face tightly affixed together, their Although the cover body in the yard, but she can still feel their bodies like snakes entangled together like naked wrapped around ......

She saw the woman’s underwear on the floor, like a kind of red flames. How? When he was in love with this warm up? Oh, is suspected she was too conservative, no fun?

Moment, she was almost fainting, followed by a shock, the body stiff.

She remembered and he said that she does not work overtime today, will come back earlier, how dare he? In addition because he and the lingering a bit coquettish woman to forget the love, joy good to forget the time, devotion, she really can not find any other reason to back him explain.

And Zhang Zimo but do not want to explain, just sat up, lit a cigarette, forced to spit out a smoke ring, slowly spit from the mouth saying: "Since you have seen, and I have nothing to say, divorce. "And then looked up to the ceiling.

At that moment, her tears finally arrived, separated by a layer of hazy mist to see Zhang Zimo face, found that face is so cold, so strange. She wanted to find a trace of hesitation from his eyes, a trace of sadness, a trace of remorse, but they could not find how.

She even secretly expect him to his knees and begged her to forgive, forgive him do just due to some kind of a man eager to physiological, is a moment of greed and impulse, Zhang Zimo may have nothing to do, look to pull off the cold.

She has been a proud, never had a sense of defeat, inferiority, but that moment she felt like a rag, was abandoned, lost in the thin cold-blooded cool autumn, she felt the failure to the extreme ......

Is fate between them really so thin it? They Liangxiaowucai friendship from generation to love each other, to form a cozy little home, all the way there have been much laughter? ! There are how many emotions? ! How I walked, went today? I walked on the loose?

From small to large, he often took her to the fireworks display, two staff holding hands watching the fireworks in the sky above their patch of blooming. They have had too many good memories together.

She remembered her and his lips stick together so nervous the first time, that there are lingering under the fireworks in the night sky, her body is trembling, because that is the loss of her first kiss, that moment, she was so scared, nervous, but was so happy and eager.

That night, he was holding her face and said: You are my life bloom bouquet bright fireworks.

Oh, what is she like fireworks so beautiful? Or do they love like fireworks? Like fireworks that only Chanafanghua?

Perhaps it is because there have been love, so the wind off the eyes of the fireworks have been warm, it is sub-ink lit for her warm, but once lost love, she discovered that the fireworks are so cool, after landing everywhere vicissitudes ... ...

She really can not believe everything that happened that day. Zimo marriage was so pet her, often doing her favorite osmanthus cake, will accompany her birthday every year on that piece of open space in the city moat, the discharge of a lot a lot of fireworks, and then together they promise the most beautiful desire. He will powdered milk for her every night, he would be willing for her to clean underwear, he has been so close to take care of her life, with no complaints, he even willing to use their lives to guard wind down, that she almost a car accident, is a sub-ink in the critical moment, the wind off a push, but the end result of their chance to escape, but was knocked several meters from the car, but fortunately the blessing of God, in a coma for three days and three nights, finally turned the corner, did not leave any troubles ...... wind down believe that only love will make a man so willing to go for her to do all that.

He gave her a kiss has been so warm, that kiss again and again with a moist and fragrant breath fell on her skin, she was again lit, let her full bloom again and again so the two of them in the world , she was so willing to let his whole being delivered to him.

So love, how it will come about today? In addition to the recent Zimo always daze, and found no other signs of it, he told himself as usual.

She asked myself over and over again in my heart, but also want to ask Zhang ink.

We said we’d lifetimes Yeah, how will this out? Why the love gone?

After all, what she did not ask exports, because she wanted to pretend to be proud of the way she wanted to pretend to be strong in front of him.

Of course, she seems to have no place once the envy of their marriage has such antinomy, even beyond the body, the soul is no intersection on ......

She asked herself hated Zimo it? Hate. How much love there is hate.

She hated to want to destroy themselves for revenge Zhang ink, ink until one day when Zhang suddenly look back, may find out that they made under such an unforgivable sin.

She is so simple, if you know where a person is really a change of heart, and where will care about the things he dropped the final destination.

A drop of cool tears slipped in her mouth, his lips filled with bitter flavor.

She does not want to go, feeling the head seems to explode. She sat down right audience, to a cup of vodka, poured them into his mouth after suddenly breath, chest seems to have something burning.

She does not remember her tonight exactly how much they drank wine, and only know dizziness, but still want to drink.

The best drunk, drunk unconscious never forget she came to this world, forgetting that she had and Zimo be together too, forget that evening ...... she thought, but also an upward, will a glass of wine coming down his mouth.

Then there is a keep "inch head," the man came to wind down strike up a conversation.

"Miss, you see more than one person lonely, let me spend time with you now." Said, his hands resting on the shoulders of the wind down, to see that this is a favorite Lieyan species. But the bar such people, this phenomenon seems to be commonplace, it is not surprising.

Wind off the eyes of some slack, she used a hand against his forehead, a hand raised his glass, "Come on, we drink."

She and "inch head" man toasts, a cup and then drink, looked up one gulp.

She could not see their way at the moment, frowning, clutching his chest, is so delicate and charming.

The "inch head" Men see clearly, his eyes toward the wind sweeping down the body inch by inch, greed and dirty. He knew that this woman was drunk, will soon let him mercy, tonight, nothing else, he will have a meal "dinner."

He quickly finished knot account, will wind down a soft body brush into his arm inside, out of the bar, just open the door, lookout down into the car, felt a burst of chilly wind behind him, and then his face on the ground suffer real the punch.

"Inch head" Men know where everything he has done for the wind down are collected in a wooden Greek man called field of vision.

There are nearly a month, the Greek has been hidden in the dark wood of the wind off guard.

He looked at the wind fell on a day to day bar, got drunk, delicate body writhing on the dance floor as the action and the entire human bones Jingya exudes atmosphere seem so out of place, his heart hurt.

In his eyes, the wind down is different, is unique, she has a bit headstrong, but gentle and kind, she looks a bit glamorous, felt the warmth of spring, her smile could get him an instant melting ...... but is such a beautiful woman, but in the bar carries unhappy Wan Xu, Time begins to consume his heart like a razor in being fragmented.

No one knows and no one will believe his mind off the pain will be even worse than the wind.

He loved her, but it seems never to tell her, but could not go with her. He just wind down in the eyes of the little brother.

No one knows when the wind Zimo often pulled off the hand to see the fireworks when there is a little shadow has been far behind them, and are so lonely and lonely ......

He was so painful that he did not know how to rescue wind down, let the wind drop back to the past with joy. He vaguely knew the wind down this life, probably not return to the past, because there are the same in terms of wind off the most precious thing, she never lost, and will be unable to regain ......

He has been quietly watching the wind down in a corner bar, do not want to leave her eyes a moment, her loneliness, her pain, he saw, but he only temporarily select silently guard.

Available at the moment, he had appeared, the wind off today too drunk, do not appear, apparently devastating disaster will give this woman.

While waving his fist, while facing inch head shouting: Your shameless guy, you give me away from her.

Fist hit the go is so hard, because his heart is so deeply hidden love.

"Inch head," the man knew not a man of the opponent, but also a bit guilty, any wood that Greece will be groggy woman in the car taken away, sadly burst into left.


People say that when intoxicated, confusion state, murmured call out names, not their favorite people, is their most hated person.

"Sub - Mexico - child - ink."

Wind down turned a body lying on the bed, and cried a person’s name, although some ambiguity, but wood can still hear the wind off the Greek name is Zhang ink.

Zhang Zimo!

Let wooden Greek name throbbing heart gave a little, his eyes began to have tears in his eyes.

He makes eye goes from the wind off the pity face away, leisurely look out the window and found that the night had gone in the deepest.

He remembered Zhang ink, that made him a love-hate men. He remembered a few days ago, they are in the United States, one day Zimo Zhang received an email from the mail only a short sentence: quick return trip to the country, there are events interviews.

He was nervous, he knew Zhang ink so anxious to let him return, it must be related to wind down, she hurt it?

No, no, not something he wants to wind down properly, always happy to go.

The next day he hastily explained the things about the company, non-stop flying the River City to let him day and night Qiannian this city, because there are always people who love him.

Time, the story is always the most.

Time across six years, when Wood River City’s hope to re-embark on this land, and the son of Mexican coffee house sitting face to face, seems to have a gloomy, the mixed feelings with each other. All of the past were hovering in my mind eleven.

They were not forgotten anyone ever had between them only once shot in Greece after receipt of wood going to wind down and get married Zimo message one night.

That night, a wooden Zhang Xi about the ink, two of them in the moat River, standing against the breeze, no one to speak a word.

They actually have a tacit understanding, Zhang Xi wood Zimo probably know what to say to him.

But he did not think that after a long while wooden Greek, suddenly turned, without more ado, gave him a punch.

"I tell you, Zhang ink, you good to wind down, this life you dare to have the slightest bit sorry for her, I want you to look good!" Wood Greek breathing heavily against the sub-ink.

"Wood hope, I told you, please drop a little further away from the wind, you do not think I do not know you like her."

Suddenly, two men will wrestle together, their shots were so ruthless.

They are in the vent, the years of repression in their hearts unhappy, all focused on the fist. For a woman, they fear bloodshed.

At that moment, stretched out on a wooden Greek fist is accumulated frustration and pain over the years. He always remember years ago, when he was an illegitimate child after this information spread in the district, a lot of small partners are beginning to laugh at him, alienating him, only wind down, help him tutoring him always, and often pull him to join her and the child’s activities in Mexico. One day, he looked at Zimo loose hair, clean smile, and my heart began to quietly drop a seed. Although he then wind down than Zimo are small for a whole year-old, but he already knows the hidden heart is a wonderful affair, but definitely not grateful, should be called love. Yes, he fell in love with the wind down this wonderful girl. But he knew he have the courage to say, can not say, because the wind is always called him off the wooden Greek, she has to take him as a brother. He also saw the child when the wind off the look of ink, that shallow curved brow in full of happy and shy smile.

He knew the wind down of the eyes in this life only Zimo. He also knows a lot of really excellent Zimo than their own, whether it is family or themselves, he could not compete and sub ink.

This is the wooden Greek helpless, they are actually eager to have a desire to give, but can not give, he is inferiority, sensitive, but is stubborn. He can only go so fired fist, repressed for so many years in the hearts of the emotions, all vent out.

In the eyes of Zhang ink, wood Greek although he always felt smaller than themselves, but it has the kind of mind beyond his actual age, deep and sharp.

He saw hope the wind off the wooden eyes, intuitively, I know some liked the wooden Greek wind down, how small and age? Jiedi are numerous. Men are more sensitive than women. He saw the wind drop and wooden Greek joking when jealousy rises will not help, but not against the wind off the attack. He knew the wind off love him, but still can not get rid of this idea that he might be too concerned about the wind down, and this life is his full wind down. So he and the wood on the surface of the Greek friendships, but hidden in private has thought much hope for some kind of wooden guard.

However, only the wind off this silly girl, she did not know the two men in front of her, Xu rain and wind on the surface looks, in fact, looks between the two of them often hidden weapons.

That night, the Greek could not restrain wood, his fists rained down to the sub-ink, ink even though he knew the child is innocent.

The son of Mexican fist real wood but also ruthless than the Greek, this kid secretly love my woman, there are kinds of hit me? He roared at heart.

That day, the two men do not know how long to play until each felt exhausted before their closing his hand, limp on the ground ......

A few days later, watching the wind off the wooden Greek happily into the marriage hall, except he sent his best wishes, ultimately chose to leave the city, with infinite love to leave.

Let him bless the wind off the happiness, love a man originally wanted to give her happiness, as long as her happy like, he also believes Zimo can give.

When the plane flew over the United States destined for wood Greek tears finally fell down.


Earth, no one can foresee myself and sit face to face with the person in this life what the future will have the intersection. The book says: every parting, is to the next reunion. Just wood Greek and Zimo reunion this time after six years, but there will be a kind of parting? Died ups and downs, this world has gathered there parting, there is little different, there Farewell, forever hidden mystery between heaven and earth, who can not tell Road, unknown.

After they sat down, no extra greeting, only slight nod, nod in this, and who knows how many of the rivers have been separated years between them? Years after years, clouds do not know the personnel change.

Sitting in front of the Greek Zimo wood gaunt, hair like wormwood, who unusually thin, anxious eyes, but erratic, like the Dodge, was afraid to encounter wooden Greek questioning look? Still afraid to face Pianpianshaonian year that moat River?

"You go down with the wind! I want to wind down to you." Zimo finally spoke first, sounded hollow.

"How? You do not want her? You want to abandon him?"

Wood hope very impulsive, only to hear "bang when" soon, wooden coffee cup in the hands of the Greek landed heavily on the glass tray, attracted the next table who are looking to them.

He must not be allowed to bring wind down Zimo hurt his feet, one hand firmly gripped Zimo collar, a hand into a fist going to beat Zimo, but he found Zimo eyes even then the poor, it seems that there is a layer of mist intractable eyes ......

"Thirsty - thirsty -"

Silence of the night, Greek wood ear suddenly sounded the voice of the wind drop to drink, he quickly rubbed tears from his eyes, out of the body from the memories.

He lifted off the head wind, the water to her mouth, wind down instinctively sip of water, and slightly opened his eyes, saw a blur in the man’s face, both unfamiliar and somewhat familiar.

Her chest still has a fire burning, my mind flashed Zimo and a picture of a strange woman intertwined, she suddenly burst into tears.

She had a brief sober, then another burst of blur. Two alternate consciousness from time to time, tortured her.

She remembered Zhang ink, love and hate at the same time my heart.

She saw the face of the man, bending head, looked at her, eyes anxious. This face is very handsome, wind down the heart suddenly flashed a thought, decided to let the front of the man to fulfill itself.

Let yourself to destroy it, maybe you do not feel pain extreme pain.

She held out her hand in the hope of wood stroking cheeks, eyes misty.

"Kiss me - kiss me -" She forced the Greek Gouzhuo wood neck, trying to close his lips a little bit of hope that the two abundance of wood lip.

Greece has a moment of trance wood.

Future night and think of a woman, from the moment he is in such a manner close to that, such as blue breath in his nose haunted side, as long as he caters to, then he would have her - if that can be considered with words. No one man does not want his beloved woman world unity. But how could he? How can? Wind down is so beautiful, how can he blasphemy?

He knows this is the destruction of the wind off yourself, think not too aggressive.

His heart is so painful!

He remembered the words of Zimo: Take care of the wind down, her future happiness, I give you, but you must keep living this secret.

Wood admitted that he promised hope to do in accordance with sub-ink, it also thought act accordingly, but then because of various factors that have been undecided.

At this moment he looked like the wind down, the wind was more determined ink drop is so in love with the child, no one can replace. He himself had thought of going with Zimo, ashamed, because he knew that behind the fact faint own little hidden desires.

He secretly made a decision.

He slowly pushed to wind down the hand, found the hot wind off the palms.

She has a fever. Must go to the hospital, you must go to the hospital.

Wood hope very nervous and started running around in circles.

Wind down still laugh at him, his eyes hanging tears laughing, daydream, while trying to hand their clothes on the solution button.

Wood Greece could not stand, holding the hand of the wind down: "The wind down, you can not do this, you wake up, I’ll take you to the hospital."

Outside, the night vast, Kongkuo road car carrying wooden Greek groggy galloped all the way to wind down ......


Hospital, wooden Greek never had had a wink, his eyes red, blistered lips, obviously anxious Fire Attack heart.

He woke up in the fall, such as wind, accompany her to face the fact that in doing so, perhaps only worthy of its own, worthy wind down, more worthy of the sub-ink, three of them worthy of a reunion in life .

After coming back from abroad, wood has dared hope the wind down, has been hiding in a dark corner, afar off her. He did not want to close, in fact, did not dare to take over the sub-ink on his orders, his heart is full of contradictions.

See the wind off the right, in accordance with sub-ink, then do away with the wind down, that is what you always wanted. Oh, no, can not, do not really want to hide the wind off a fact? So do what is happiness to wind down, or bring harm to wind down? Bring a lifetime irreparable regret? Is this two room he has been the heart of conflict, he was suffering from great pain.

His heart also had an idea that people want to wind down a quiet, maybe she can gradually figured, she from her piece of mind to get out of the shadows, can be so long, but did not seen improvement, he saw only the wind off the more decadent. She does not dressing, not working last night, actually want to spoil yourself as ......

The woman in front of her how to face?

In fact, he has to face even greater than the wind down? There Zimo; he has to face even greater than the emotional, as well as their share of conscience. Come the way it is so difficult to choose.

Originally this earth, so everyone’s whereabouts are not unpredictable.

Wind down till noon, woke up, slightly opened his eyes at the moment, hazy eyes have seen a mass of black shadow, she thought it was a sub-ink, she remembers Zimo always likes to wear black, looked so calm.

Her heart faint glimmer of joy swept. She yearned to be sub-ink came to her, mending their ways up.

Until increasingly clear outline in front of people, she was found to be futile joy, the original front man a few years ago to the United States wooden hope is that time often little brother behind him and Zimo ass.

Oh, time flies, it has not seen for six years.

Xi wood vary greatly, build a beard, no longer seems to be the year that always wear jeans, white shirt teenager, he also wore a black Yeah, I remember years ago, she said he does not like the wood Greek black clothes. The original people always become, like Zimo become unrecognizable she felt, she felt between them becomes that the former is just wonderful Nankeyimeng.

"The wind down, you finally woke up, head still hurt?" Wood Greek voices are hoarse, but very soft very magnetic, he saw the wind off the look of her eyes a hint of disappointment and sense of loss.

"Wood -? Hope you how how we would come back here??" Wind down filled with questions, voice Guadan.

Xi wood six missing, the wind down of the moment to see this in the hope of wood, wood hope to expand the arms for a hug. Is that there is excitement, there is the joy of reunion, but this moment, her mood is kind of endless gray.

"You think about it, you drink last night, right? Drunk like that, if I do not timely occur, the consequences could be disastrous." Zimo temporarily avoided that question how he returned, he found himself at a critical moment, or not figured out how to answer, is to continue to conceal the go? Or tell us the truth?

Wind down seems to think of what eyes closed, hands into his hair, tears slowly fall down.

"Wine, wine, I would drink." Wind down to start the rampage, opened a quilt out of bed, I want to walk toward the door.

Love is magic, can save a person can destroy a person; radiant people can also make people haggard. Without Zimo love, already feel the wind off without a soul, her heart is like falling in a bottomless abyss.

"The wind down, you go on like this, the ink will be disturbed child!" Wood wind down of Greek grabbed his arm, he could no longer stand it anymore.

"You do not tell me to mention him, he’s a jerk, a liar - I hate him!"

At this moment, the wind down is really hate. She hated Zimo heartless to not look at her, see her getting bad; he hated Zimo eyes that night could not find a trace of nostalgia, she hates Zimo ......

"No, wind down, you listen to me, son of Mexican love you, no one loves you more than he, and no one is more worthy of your love! You be quiet, I tell you the truth."

Xi wood tone reveals a somewhat calm and relaxed, he finally decided to face, no hesitation, he finally determined he did not want to wind down the wrong selfless love as a negative mind.

Wind down gaze back and forth between the prospect of sweeping wooden Greek, trying to figure out wooden Greek words what it means?

Wood Greek toward the window, he saw a swallow flew west positive, left alone, is so small, so lonely, like who thin figure in his sight gradually disappeared without a trace ...... he felt the earth a misty.

Zimo, please forgive me and you can not comply with the agreement! Wood Greek mind flashed a picture: Zimo cold hands and wooden Greek hands clasped together, each reluctant to release.

Wood Greek eyes closed, took a deep breath and began to wind down about a sorrowful story ......


Suddenly windy, overcast down, the wind rolled leaves could not hovering in the air, there is thunder from the sky roll over, "Rumble" a few times, only twelve minutes of the scene, then fried in people’s heads open a short while, he hung between heaven and earth endless rain.

"Zimo - Zimo -."

Despite the rain rushing between heaven and earth have also failed to turn off the sound of the wind drowned hoarse call.

Wind down in the vast uphold run in the rain, slipped and fell down, knees scraped up, and instantly were bleeding, she can not attend to all of this, get up, still continues and ran forward.

She can not wait to pick up wood Greek car, she can not wait, can not wait a minute, the Greek term wood shouting loudly behind her.


Is located in the moat in front of a cemetery.

At this moment, the sub-ink photo is so truly was silent on the stone.

"Zimo - Zimo, you silly ......"

Wind throwing himself down in front of the tombstone, go back and forth with trembling hands stroked Zimo Love goes best face, cheeks tear Flows.

Greece stood behind wooden wind down, he did not go down to pull the wind up. Let this woman for life Zimo shed tears now. He wind down as Zimo unlimited miss, miss the man who punched him in the moat banks such as rain each man have to play a man ......

The world, after all, only have a relatively disaster, I realized that some things this is not the worst, had how would rather die? As the original sub-ink only "betrayal" of her only, but now, and two people who love original yin and yang, the two separated compared to the previous kind of "harm" then what?

Really yin and yang, the two separated yet? Wind down not want to believe that she would rather be Zimo live up to her, as her divorce that day Zimo said he would take the woman to leave the River City, to set up a cozy little house; she would rather this is the second sub-ink find a bar girl at home staged a "derailment" of Jiaxi after another illusion, but a lie.

Her remorse that he is not a competent wife, how can afford Zimo as heavy, but boundless selfless love? ! She hated how his son would never care about the ink used to have many times clutching his stomach, his brow furrowed it? How she would have to pretend to be proud, rather than to try to save a marriage, ask a few Zimo Why? If time could turn the clock back, if you give her a chance, it might be a different outcome.

She could not imagine that day in the eyes of Zimo demonstrated by the pull back, how much sadness forbear, how much frustration and bitterness; she could not imagine Zimo learned the news themselves to the advanced gastric cancer, has lost its significance after treatment after , there have been how the night tossing and turning, before making a decision as a sense of heaven and earth: let the wind off the pain of seeing his look, let the wind drop followed him pain, not to wind down the day to face him death ...... let the wind off the day he saw the illusion and he got the bar girl deliberately manufactured after only hate him, so that she can be able to start a new life in the shortest possible time ...... this is Zimo final aspiration.

That love never left ......

I do not know when to stop the rain, dusk gradually Courtyard, there is a lot a lot of far-day fireworks bursting in the night sky, the wind tears off the lift, this moment, she felt fireworks is so warm! So warm!


This is a story takes place in River City, many years ago, the first time I heard this story, I was sixteen years old.

This story seems to be no real ending, because nobody knows wind down and wooden Greek final destination, I do not want to go questioning. Originally this earth there is no ending ending, is the best outcome.

I just want to know why Zimo stupid? Warm when needed most choose to stay away from the woman he loves? Is right or wrong? Such a move seems a bit weird. If Zimo not do that, the wind off really will not get out from his death coming? Is not Zimo bit overestimating their own hearts drop in wind component? Not to say that time will forget all of it? Even Zimo do not, I want to wind down the day will go to a good life, right? He just thought why let the wood go down with the wind Greek? And no thought whether patriotic wooden Greek wind down, willing to accept ......

Many puzzled until I was thirty years old when I fell in love with a man, when we love each other deeply, I have the answer, let me thank the love grow.

The original true love is to give, not possession; are paid, not taking. Like Zimo wind down, just like wood Greek wind down, as long as the other party happy enough, I believe this is the true meaning of love remain constant!

When Zimo life come to the end, he was flustered, is tense, is confusion, and there will inevitably be confusion, consider the problem will be lacking, he is most concerned about in this world have not had time to arrange things, how can he not panic? He did not have much time, he must quickly make a decision, under panic as he did not think a lie will wind down as the Oath of damage caused, when he thought he saw just keep the wind off as much as possible losing weight, being tortured by the disease in pain, he learned that he terminally ill, do not know how much time to arrange good wind down later in life, he knew that would not take care of himself off the wind, he must for her arrangements. In terms of sub-ink, after everything is unknown, the uncertain, the only thing he can be sure of is that he, like love and hope wooden wind down, he believes in the United States worked hard wood all the way to wind down the Greek can bring happiness ... ...

At the moment, I stood at the window, thinking of those who are buried in the earth in the Time story, tears already a thousand lines and thousands of lines!

Today, let me wind down and the share of sub-ink pen down here love it!

Willing to earth eternal love! !