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If.... then return to the past...

[ 9/17/2014 9:35:07 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     



Years old, the Red worse, want to show in infinitely good eye. Time lost, the dream difficult, Whispering into dust Know?

One thousand who do, recalling a few North Korea, looking back is resentment of. Fleeting wrong, the wind laugh, Cheng pulls back a few people scrambling.

In the past, this is a disturbing topic, it is a tangible gesture heavy memories of our minds now, like transparent general stationed in the relentless wind fleeting, quietly turned to us today, yesterday, and will now stay turned it into a yellowed shimmer, gradually dying in the dust long years, and I still have much of a chance, then think contributed to the next teardrop.

After years of standing opposite, unable phase could see that starting yesterday, leaving just a little doubt the Red smoke tainted memories of the route, fuzzy Looking forward to being in front of us, I do not know how I can put one yesterday a reproducible, dotted with dreams outside today. I lock the story of how to ensure sweet aftertaste of instant ponder on.

The memory of the past, when I was a young and ignorant children, which will be known years of relentless landscape silhouette old way, which will bother him Yue Ying or the moon, flowers also spend defeat, pure and have no trace of worry and sorrow, just soak in their naive flawless blue sky under tease, flying, fooling around one day, Fengfengdiandian after year, let him lose the dark years, spring several times, they are still so pure indifference, now in retrospect, but it is remembered that the original light-years.

I remember as a child had never been seen, always like every day wedding festival, which is the ancients who left children the best gift because it represents the feast as well envelopes for me after that time, which is a door without investments have harvested a small business, there is no tight delicious, but happy to still get paid, now that I think also feel flattered.

Remember, the group with my boys, naughty together we always love playing downtown, mischief together. I remember one time the lower river to catch fish, snakes come out of the bushes drilled from the shore, sticky water comes Yaotoubaiwei, scared I ran away, and that speed is really amazing, just as it Tiezhang Gone Qiu Qianren like water, riding waves and flying, the results I ran, clothes still resting on that.

Remember, Once winter outings, biting cold north wind whistling, the big guys have to run to hold people’s mischief dry wood fire, then went to another house hired sweet potato and taro farmland, threw them in the fire, stuffy we waited while warming himself while delicious unearthed, it took a while, and we look forward to finally not disappointed, dark, leather coke coke stuff which we dig out, this is our long-awaited delicious, we all eat delicious, but this comes at a price.

The next day came home from school and saw her father’s eyes fierce, mom unannounced, I knew something bad, and certainly last night, people dug sweet potato taro, others came to complain, and finally I did not escape the fate of being drawn, Dad Exhausting while Nuhan "People say you eat even if hired, also other people’s fields turned upside down, most of the soil are you confused smashes." He cried again bite from the root "Look I do not smoke die today you this prodigal stuff" That scene really alarmed ah.

Now think of it that was very funny, but also how to laugh, think of the original mighty father, and then look at him today, half silver-haired head, my heart kind of impact is difficult to implicit memories recollections eyes. Now grow old, I never see young parents askew countenance, years in the mark left by the relentless will wrinkle their cheeks covered, which also took away my childhood, as well as those who have already called on the nickname is not cute figure.

Also vaguely remember that once I loved her, though Heaven has two separated for so many years, but the memory of the hair will penetrate the hearts from time to time, always makes me inadvertently, they think of her over the figure, there is that this life does not regret her years, and that the story bit by bit.

That year, you and I met in the autumn season, covered the entire landscape of golden autumn leaves swirling dance aesthetic of the moment in the world, you dressed Qingshan hand twist leaves slowly walked into my field of vision, fluttering filaments scattered in jade-like face, eyes attentively overlooking the distant blue sky, gently humming the first TV drama I am familiar with the "haw" laugh at me faint smile, that moment, I deeply the figure was in front of the fans, without a sigh, this woman should only be heaven, earth which was several times to see.

That season, you and I walk hand in hand under the snow in the winter sky, the wind took a tour that snowy night downtown, to see which of the three to get the plum blossom, the pressure you to dancing dancing under the moon lost all youth, shear winter wind blowing snow around the lute paragraphs Mei Xiang, Miles Yukino Phi Yueh-Hsia Tseng, Lady Pina dance tilt the world.

That day, I send you on the road, you Dimei without a word, I am quiet, watch you go figure lopsided, slowly disappear in my blurred vision, at that moment, I never thought of it one another, that is forever, it never occurred to you so simply gone, gone the distance I can not reach you, I stand with each other so easily become the shore, and the story so it came to a close, with the exception I miss the Soul tour spin to have your direction.

To think, and then return to the past, look at your long-lost look, turn back the clock back to the place of encounter, and then you never perfect story continued to play, will then embark on a years. Think about it, forget about all this experience, no worries now, there is no sadness today. If you can, I would like to return to the original starting point, the beginning of life’s journey again, back to that dim past.

If, then return to the past, I was the innocent and lovely child, carefree living. Or that I’m naughty, played out every day in my small world, and occasionally do some dumbfounding mischief, and occasionally small partners doing some rebellious little bad, even afterwards was also punished, even by a few more times physical pain.

If, then return to the past, back to Qingdouchukai Sao year, then I have not met her, she did not know me, but I was filled with feelings of longing that boy, or that the future is full of hope and dreams I, then today would be a kind of now, me and her story will be a kind of ending.

Should really be able to return to the past, I will never let you walk alone, never. I will always stay by your side, always protect you, to join the World, end their flowers shore and enjoy the world of downtown, watch the magnificent mountains and rivers, along with the Red repose, Judai years old until you become an old woman, I have become a bad old man, but also each other’s breakdown of Seniors.

Unfortunately, this will not be achieved after all, is a dream finally arrived, but the time and frivolous, I naively reverie, eventually soak up the soup. Years of any course not looked back, the story still did not draw a perfect end. You still stay far away I can not arrived, has been that far out of reach.

I know that the dead will not have to leave the children who can not go back to the side. Just a pity that I finally could not retain live you leave the figure, that was beautiful encounter eventually went on a sad future, time still, I love still remains the same, but you already know right where.

If, go back to the downtown that field, if, then back past you and me, that they will wipe out some kind of floc spend?