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My legs can improve memory?What are the advantages of sat cross-legged on the body

[ 11/27/2013 11:57:00 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     www.peboz.com
Sitting cross-legged, legs bending cross respectively, the left leg ankle on right leg knee joint, and leaned forward, maintain this pose.If not last 10 minutes, then your leg, ankle, hip flexibility is not enough, usually also lack flexibility training.
How to exercise flexibility?The following two simple exercises, only take about five minutes at a time, in view of the waist, hip, leg stretch, can greatly improve body flexibility, easy to complete my legs.
Seated forward bends
Sitting on a mat or on the bed, legs together straight and lean forward as much as possible, both hands to touch the calf tibia, feel the back thigh is taut, maintain 15 to 30 seconds, rest for half a minute, do a set.To increase interest and test their own progress, but every practice as far as possible make hands than the last move forward a bit, until hands over the location of the foot, the chest on the knee.
Do not stretch
Kneeling on the cushion, knees together, ankle back out, make both feet on the mat.Then hands back brace, as far as possible back waist, feel the lap was taut, maintain 15 to 30 seconds.Rest for half a minute, and then do a set.With the augmentation of the flexibility of leg, you will be able to make the upper body lying on the mat.
Practice after period of time, your flexibility would increase greatly.General fitness, from the single plate (side stick to leg, the other side leg frame on them), then slowly sit cross-legged, namely the two feet are wearing on the side leg thigh, upper body straight, arms crossed on the belly button, eliminate distractions, sit 20 to 30 minutes.
Meditate. Note:
1, full or hungry, unfavorable and meditation.
2, while sitting indoors should keep the air circulation, but not when the wind and sit down.
3, should pay attention to keep warm when sitting outdoors, also do not directly on wetlands.
4, when the climate is cool, should pay attention to the knees, neck and head warm.
5, body shape is strict, but should pay attention to relax, careful tuning, find a state of body as the requirements and relaxed and comfortable.
6, the relaxation of the consciousness is very important.Can think method "by the body repair of rare rare precious", "I for the degree of economic beings in practice the Buddha", with compassion and generosity of the state of mind, smile from my heart and on the conditions of color.In particular the eyebrows and XiaKe muscle relaxation.
7, regardless of the double JiaFu, single JiaFu or sit, hip pad should be two or three inches of mat, to feel the stability, excellent pour back feeling for the principle.The start to do double JiaFu JiaFu alone, it can't it just sit again.