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"Destruction", "build" remarks

[ 7/21/2014 9:17:06 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

Like cotton, don’t break, you can’t see the continuation of life


(The article from the network reproduced)


Currently, I’m working as a unit repair history, from 1969 until about now, including the "History Timeline" and "History originals" eloquent to five thousand words. After a long time of operation, I have completed the first draft of these two texts now being revised and improved first reincarnation. Whenever I write two manuscripts, I always endless emotion!

From History Unit, I seem to see the city, the province and the country party’s history. It was so brilliant it was so bloodied; It was so magnificent and the wave was so silent; It was so awe-inspiring it was so strange and mysterious. I spread positive energy, but also had to be thinking negative energy.

Keen to look at the history of our party, I can find the answer from the relationship "broken" and "up" in the. One is to figure out our party at various stages of social development in the end to be "broken" What, to "stand" in what is; second is to figure out the different stages of our party in social development, in the end how like to "break", so what to "stand."

On behalf of the Communist Party of China is a proletarian party of the people, she wants to "break" the exploitation of people, who oppressive social and political systems, to "establish" democracy is equality, legal social and political systems; should "broken "hinder the development of the social productive forces of social and economic systems, to" stand "is to promote the social and economic system of social productivity development; want to" break "the social atmosphere is polluted" yellow, drugs, gambling, "such as poison, to" Li "is the new fashion healthy and progressive society. Before the founding of New China, the Party led the people "break" a man who exploited, oppressed people of the old society, "Li," the people are the masters of a new society. But because she was a one-sided emphasis on "a sophomore public" and inward-looking, weakened the passion of the people Officer of entrepreneurship, the development of social productive forces did not quickly "stand up". After the Third Plenary Session of the Party, the development of social productive forces "stand up", while the order of social justice has been playing the "broken", and instead of various social evils "up" again. Now, the Party Central Committee headed by Xi Jinping, from the construction of "China Dream" long-term height of China’s reform and opening up are a number of issues for over 30 years history of chronic illness comprehensive rectification, is to re-order and social justice new "legislation" new trend of social morality, to improve the social and economic development and people’s living the healthy development of embedded fast lane.

In accordance with the laws of social development, to "stand" on the need to "break" and can not want to "stand" is not "broken." Before liberation, the Communist Party in order to establish a socialist system, not the pressure on the Chinese people to overthrow the three big mountains right? After the liberation, the Communist Party in order to successfully reform and opening up, not a planned economy to a market economy right? At this stage, we want to "four winds" to rectify the problem, do not take an iron fist approach is not feasible Thunder. Since the "64" incident, the CPC Central Committee in order to correct the "four winds" issue, has taken a lot of ways, such as launching the "whole party" activities, "Community" campaign, the "Three Represents" study and education activities, "Eight Honors eight Shames "study and education activities carried out to Kong ’, Zheng Peimin, Guo Mingyi and other learning activities communist model, the results are just a mere formality, and that the substance did not play a role. This is because in order to build a "harmonious" society, some of our party’s leading cadres in order to maintain social stability, and often only treat the person has died, died under the rule, the rule of small dead large, symptomatic died in this "rule of virtue "On only one opinion means nothing hemp harm the people.

Xi Jinping, led to the new general secretary of the Central Political Bureau later ruled resolutely fight "broken" in the past to study means of education-based practices, starting with me (he took office announced the personal private property), from now on start to develop Politburo "Eight provisions" as the yardstick, investigate the problem from officials to carry out the mass line educational activities and standardize the system start to carry out a national governance corruption, governance and political movement of waste. A large number of corrupt officials above provincial and ministerial level falling by the wayside, people clapped and cheered, deepening corruption within the army but to promote unity and stability unprecedented force. Now, the central and the introduction of a new anti-corrosion measures, one of the "naked officials (mainly relatives abroad)," the official implementation of the power limit, the second is the implementation of the system of subsidies for official vehicles, the third is the implementation of the accountability system for the appointment of cadres etc., is to "put the power in the system installed in the cage" and set "up" one by one "magic", the implementation of these approaches to create a clean and efficient government close to the people is a bold attempt.

I believe that through such a big "break" means, our party’s clean government and combat corruption as in the past will not only stay on the surface, but to have substantial effect, we will be the party’s image re "stand up".