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Choosing The Best Keychain Flashlight

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Choosing The Best LED Keychain Flashlights

By Green Fire

A LED keychain flashlight can be a extremely useful tool to have in certain situations. Their small size makes them easy to attach to a keychain, put in a pocket or keep in a handbag.

There are different types of  LED keychain flashlights for sale. They come in all sorts of designs and colors. The most common color that you’ll find is usually black. Other colors are pink , silver, white, blue, red and green. Some are even based on popular characters such as Hello Kitty. If the design doesn’t matter to you than choose the one with the best features.

It’s best to buy a led keychain flashlight that uses an LED light bulb. These tend to be more durable and brighter. The majority of newer keychain flashlights use LED light bulbs. One downside is that they’re a bit more expensive, but they’re worth it for the improvements over normal light bulbs.

Mini keychain flashlights tend to have different features. Some include a blinking setting. On some you can dim the light to help conserve the battery life. Others have an on and off switch which lets hold the flashlight with having to press and hold the on button.

There are some keychain flashlights that come five packs or ten packs. Theses packs are great if you’re going to buy a light for each member of the family. You’ll save more money buying them in packs then just separately.

 Very cheap keychain flashlights tend to be more fragile than the more expensive ones. Sometimes you might find one that has cheap initial cost, but uses expensive batteries to function.

A LED keychain flashlight with a long battery life is important if you are planing on using it regularly. Some can provide up to twelve to fourteen hours of light. Depending on the model they use different types of batteries. Some use button cells, which are the kinds of batteries you would find in watches. Others use replaceable lithium batteries to operate. Now there are rechargeable flashlights. They cost more than other kinds. There’s even solar keychain flashlights.

If you spend a good deal of time outdoors, going camping or hiking, you’ll probably want a weather resistant and waterproof keychain flashlight. For environments where a high intensity light is necessary you’re going to need the brightest keychain flashlight available.

In closing, there are many types kinds of led keychain flashlights to choose from. They have different styles, features and batteries. It’s best to get a keychain flashlight that suits your own needs the most.