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Tips for Gift Giving

[ 12/4/2013 4:18:24 PM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :

The Christmas is coming soon, are you ready for shopping for gifts?

It’s easy for us to busy a gift for someone, but it’s not that easy to buy right gifts matching with right person. Here are some tips about how to select a right gift.
Tip One: Prepare your gift list. 
Write down the name of each recipient on the list; next to the name, write the age according to category. Example: toddler, preteen, teen, young adult, middle age, senior citizen, elderly. Then indicate the amount you've budgeted to spend.

Tip Two: Think carefully about what the other person would not buy for themselves.
If you give items that a person is already very adept at getting for themselves, muzzling in on this territory can be a means of invading it and substituting their sense of style with yours.

Tip Three: Avoid giving "useful" items that the whole household needs and will make use of..
The toaster for mother on Mother's Day, the car-cleaning gear for dad... These things do service for everyone and are not gifts in the usual sense. They are just too impersonal to be true gifts and this makes them conditional--you are giving something provided that everyone else gets to use it.

A right gift doesn’t have to be the expensive one, it can be very “simple” . Sometimes giving a "simple" present that touches upon an inside joke or an intimate detail will work wonders.