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How to Pack for a Winter Vacation

[ 12/18/2013 9:17:47 AM ]    Publishers : Andrew           From Address :     

   Nowadays, it is a fashion to travel in winter. But what should be packed is a problem for many green hand. It’s important to pack well, otherwise, you can’t fully enjoy this white winter vacation. Don’t pack too much stuff, but below are the necessary stuff we should take.
   Hats -- the Secret to Staying Warm
   Requirements for a good travel hat:
  - Covers your ears
    - At least partly covers the back of your neck
   - Has no flaps, fluffballs or other wasted mass
  There is nothing quite so brutal as a freezing cold noggin, so if you choose one item very carefully, make it your hat.

  Shoes — Your One Heavy Item
  Requirements for good winter travel shoes:
  - Weatherproof -- Gore-Tex gear can be pretty styling these days
   - Light on lacing -- you still need to get through security, so a pair of shoes or boots that can be worn loosely and don’t require a lot of tying and untying will help
   - Dark colored, so they won’t show stains from mud, slush or getting thrown on filthy security belts
  There are plenty of decent, affordable boots that hold up well enough to hike through snow in, but look good enough to wear to dinner; find them and wear them when you walk out the door for the airport
  Gloves — Thin, Light, Breathable and Waterproof
  Requirements for travel gloves:
  - Weatherproof
   - Breathable
   - Extremely light and low bulk
   - Quick drying
   - Have some type of grip
  Clothing — Morning Paper Trick for Layering Up
  When traveling during winter, use a "morning paper" approach to figure out what to pack:
  - Light long- or short-sleeve shirt (or T-shirt) for reading the paper indoors
   - Long-sleeve top over that for grabbing the paper from the stoop
   - Fleece (or sweater, though wool tends to be bulky) over that for getting the paper from the curb
   - Light wind- and waterproof outer shell over that for getting the paper from the curb in the rain
  Travel Toiletry Bag --- a perfec travel compaion
  A good toiletry bag should be waterproof, with hanging hook, different mesh pockets and foldable design. You can pack all of your cometics, toothbrush, towels into a bag and they will never be in a mess.
  Now all things are ready , pack your bag and have a wonderful holiday !Travel Toiletry Bag